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FTP: How To Connect via FTP

Below we have listed some of the most common FTP Clients with instructions on how to connect to view files with them. With FTP, there are multiple ways to securely connect, sFTP and FTPS. FTPS is FTP with SSL for security. Due to it using SSL, the server requires a certificate which we […]

FTP: Manage FTP Sessions

The FTP session Control interface to view general information about who logs in to your FTP server. You can also use the FTP Session Control interface to terminate FTP connections to your site. Please Note: This panel will only show FTP connections. It does not show sFTP or SSH connections. […]

FTP: How to connect using Transmit FTP

In this article, we will show you how to connect to your Site5 hosting account over FTP using Transmit. 1) Open Transmit 2) Enter your FTP details on the right side of the screen… Server = Either your domain or the server’s IP address User Name = Your FTP username […]

FTP: Connect via sFTP

In this article, we will show you how to connect to your account using sFTP. FileZilla (Free Windows/Mac/Linux) WinSCP (Free Windows) FileZilla This tutorial assumes you already have FileZilla running on your computer, but not connected to a remote server. Pro Tip: To utilize the “Quickconnect” feature of FileZilla for SFTP […]

FileZilla: How to Limit the Number of Simultaneous Connections

In this article, we will show you how to limit the number of connections FileZilla uses. 1) Start FileZilla 2) Click File 3) Click Site Manager 4) Select your FTP Site from the left-hand menu 5) Click the Transfer Settings tab 6) Check the box for “Limit number of simultaneous […]

Email: Access Emails on the File System

In this article, we will show you how to read/delete emails directly from the file system. This can be used if your email is over quota and you need to make space by deleting emails. You will need a FTP or sFTP client. For this demonstration, we will be using WinSCP. […]

FTP Overview

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an internet standard protocol for transferring files from one location to another. Normally this is used to move files from your computer to a server, or in reverse. FTP enables you to easily update your website files using a client specifically designed to work with the FTP protocol. […]

Permissions Overview

CHMOD (Change Mode) is the file permission system used by UNIX based servers which Site5 uses. The permissions appear as a set of 3 numbers in a row. In order of appearance, the numbers represent user, group, and other’s access level. Without going into too much detail, here are some […]

How to upload files over FTP using FileZilla

This tutorial assumes you already have FileZilla running on your computer, and are connected to a remote server. Now let’s learn how to upload or transfer a file to a remote server. 1) Select a few files you would like to upload.  To select multiple files press CTRL on your keyboard. 2) […]

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