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Installing Gems Using Bundler

This article assumes that you already have a basic understanding of Rails and how to use a terminal. Bundler manages all gems in a file called “Gemfile” in the root directory of your application (~/yourapp/Gemfile). If you ever want to install more gems for your application, this is the file […]

Ruby: Run a PHP application from within a Rails sub-folder

In certain situations, you may want to run a PHP application (like WordPress) from within a sub-folder that has a rails application installed above it. This can be accomplished by using a htaccess file in the sub-folder where the PHP application is to be installed. These instructions require SSH access, so we’re assuming a basic […]

Ruby: How to setup a custom RubyGems environment

Why you need a custom RubyGems environment If you want to add a RubyGem on your account, you will need to install it within your account. We don’t provide a global set of gems for Ruby 1.9.3 onwards, as the Ruby community standard is to manage gems locally, giving the […]

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