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WordPress 5.0

WordPress is a robust content management program that is used to create websites. As with any program, there are updates to maintain and improve the functionality. On December 6, 2018, WordPress released version 5.0 and is calling it “Bebo.” This article addresses the following points regarding the WordPress 5.0 update: […]

How Can I Send a Traceroute to Site5

Site5 recommends using WinMTR freeware to generate a traceroute to send to Site5; this solution is perfect for PCs. For directions on how to use WinMTR, please see the following article: How to Use WinMTR If you have a Mac, please read: How Do I Run a Traceroute on a Mac? […]

How Do I Run a Traceroute on a Mac?

Traceroute is a utility that records the route between your computer and your Site5 server. It also displays the amount of time each hop takes. If you cannot reach your site, a traceroute will help us determine the issue. To run traceroute on a Mac, follow these steps: These steps were created using Mac OS […]

How to Use WinMTR

Site5 recommends that you use WinMTR to run traceroute and ping on a domain with a single tool. WinMTR is available in 32 bit and 64 bit editions and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Download WinMTR How to Use WinMTR To run a traceroute or ping […]

WordPress: WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin One way to optimize WordPress is to install WP Super Cache, which can be done from your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins. Suggested Settings Please complete all four (4) steps to use the suggested settings. Step 1. Set General Settings On Advanced tab: Select the radio button for Caching […]

WordPress: How to Move Your Site to Another Folder

In this article, we will show you how to move your WordPress site from a subfolder or subdomain install, up to your main /public_html folder. This is useful if you have developed a new site in a sub folder and want to move it to your main domain now. 1): […]

WordPress: How To Increase Speed Through Optimization

Have you run into an issue where your WordPress site is running slow or you’re seeing spikes in your resource usage that you want to get down? Look no further! This checklist will help you optimize your WordPress site, speed up its response time, and lower your resource usage at […]

WordPress: How To Configure Your Site To Use A Different Domain

In this article, we will show you how to configure your WordPress to use another domain. This is helpful if you want to work on your WordPress site before pointing your actual domain. There are a few different methods that you can use to achieve this goal. Update the website […]

Drupal: How to Install Manually

In this article, we will show you how to install Drupal manually. In this article, we will be using SiteAdmin, however the steps for cPanel are very similar. 1) Download a zip copy of Drupal from their official website, here. 2) Login to SiteAdmin 3) Go to the Manage Databases & […]

Logs: Add a Google Analytic tracking code to your Joomla website

In this article, we will show you how to add a Google Analytic tracking code to your Joomla website. 1) Log into the Joomla administration panel 2) Click the Template Manager link 3) Click the Templates tab 4) Locate the template your site is using, then click on its title […]

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