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CloudFlare: Managing Your CloudFlare Account

Aside from the great caching features that CloudFlare offers, it can do so much more including protecting your websites against DDoS attacks. Below we will go over some of the other features that you have access by using the free service. Apps You can access the apps section by clicking […]

CloudFlare: How To Enable CloudFlare

CloudFlare integration enables websites to harness the power of the CloudFlare network to deliver the best possible performance, and to provide enhanced security and protection from attackers. CloudFlare also generates in-depth stats and threat analysis. There is a few ways to activate the service, depending on which of our control panel […]

CloudFlare: Enable Development Mode

If you have CloudFlare caching occurring on your website, and you are wanting to suspend the service so you can do some updates to the site without having the changes be cached just yet then you can certainly enable Development Mode. This will prevent any updates from being cached within […]

CloudFlare: Clearing CloudFlare Cache

CloudFlare is a fantastic service that caches all your static content, speeding up the load time of your website dramatically. Like your browser though, sometimes the cache can become problematic/corrupted and as a result some changes to your website may not display after being made. The first step when you […]

CloudFlare: Direct Website & cPanel Access

This applies only to customers who have changed their nameservers to use CloudFlare. Clients who use our nameservers, or use the ‘CloudFlare’ icon in cPanel/SiteAdmin to manage their CloudFlare preferences are not affected by this. If you use CloudFlare to accelerate and protect the domain that you and your customers […]

CloudFlare: Deactivating CloudFlare Service

If you decide that you don’t want to use CloudFlare for your website any more, you can simply deactivate the service via the CloudFlare icon within your SiteAdmin or cPanel. Don’t forget that if you want to test the site without going through CloudFlare, you can just access the site directly, […]

CloudFlare Overview

Welcome to our CloudFlare overview! On this page, we will explain what CloudFlare is, its advantages, and how to activate it on our services. What is CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a free content delivery network service. It stores your static content across multiple servers worldwide. For example, if your website is […]

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