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How Do I Set Up Streaming Video or Music?

Many people have questions about media streaming support for their sites. Site5 supports only HTTP streaming which is only available on RealPlayer, QuickTime and Windows Media Player. Once media files are encoded, there are two more steps in preparing your content for streaming from a web server: Create a Windows Media […]

Server Specifications

We have several types of hosting, and the hardware specifications for your server will depend on which type of hosting you have. Our specifications for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Fully Managed VPS are listed below. Web Hosting Dual Xeon E5-2630 64GB RAM 2TB HDD RAID 10 1Gbps Uplink Reseller Hosting […]

HostPro + Turbo: How to Login to Site cPanel Accounts

At this time, HostPro + Turbo users wishing to log into a cPanel for their sub-account will need to do so directly. To access the cPanel login screen you will need to use either a domain name pointed to your server, server name, or server IP address. The following article […]

How to Find your Home Folder

In this article, we will show you how to locate your home folder. What is a home folder? Your home folder is the folder that all of your account file reside. For example, in this folder, you will find your website files, your mail files, some of your configuration files, […]

DNS: How to Setup Google PageSpeed

In this article, we will show you how to setup Google PageSpeed. Please Note: Currently this service is only offered to a limited number of webmasters. You can request access by filling out and submitting the web form here. 1) Once you have received the approval email regarding PageSpeed, click […]

Web Hosting: What is a parked domain? How about a sub or add on domain?

In this article, we will cover each type of domain that can be added in SiteAdmin or cPanel. Primary Domains Your primary domain is the main domain name on the account. It’s the domain you use when you first order your hosting service and normally is the domain most people […]

Web Hosting: What is Spam?

Spam refers to junk email that’s sent out in mass quantities. On average, three-fourths of the email that’s sent every day is spam. Spammers find email addresses in a variety of ways, most commonly by searching for email addresses listed on websites and by means of computer viruses and hacking. […]

Web Hosting: What is an email auto-responder?

An email auto-responder is exactly what you’d expect based on the name. Inside most control panels and webmail programs, you can configure an email address to automatically respond to any emails it gets with a default reply you specify. Then, it will discard the message, keep it in the inbox […]

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