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Exporting and importing emails through Webmail

How to Create a New Folder How to Import Email How to Export Email Site5 offers three different webmail clients (Horde, RoundCube and Squirrelmail) for viewing and management of your email accounts. Of these three, only Horde allows the import and export of email. This article will walk you through […]

Email: Editing SMTP Settings In Your Email Client

1) Outlook Express 2) Outlook 98 and 2000 3) Outlook 2002 and 2003 4) Outlook 2007 5) Outlook 2010 6) Mac Mail for OS X 7) Outlook 2011 (Mac) 8) Mac Mail for iPhone 9) Thunderbird While we have many other posts explaining how to set up a new email […]

cPanel FormMail Support

Due to being severely outdated and highly insecure at this point in time, we have decided to remove cPanel FormMail CGI scripts from our servers. While cPanel formmail will no longer be available, there are many alternatives which provide the same functionality while being more secure, whether that is within […]

SMTP Authentication at Site5

For added security and spam protection, we’ve ensured that pop-before-smtp connections are disabled on our servers. What this means is that every outbound mail connection (SMTP connection) must be authenticated and can not just be sent without logging in. Of course, having this added layer of security does produce errors […]

Email: View EMAIL Account Settings

In this article we are going to demonstrate how to access the configuration settings for an email account. These are the settings that you will input your respective email client to allow it the configured email addresses. View the account settings in SiteAdmin View the account settings in cPanel Viewing the account settings […]

Email: Create EMAIL Filters

Filters are used to route incoming email based on sender, email subject, and more! Filters can be configured for the entire account, main domain and each individual email account. Below is the legend of what the various types of filters mean and how they can be customized to determine how incoming […]

Email: Create EMAIL Forwarders

This particular interface allows you to create and then configure message forwarders and domain forwarders. For information on the whys of this particular feature, check out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. Creating and managing forwarders in SiteAdmin Creating and managing forwarders in cPanel   Creating and managing […]

Email: Configure Spam Assassin

As mentioned in our Spam Assassin Overview article, the Spam Assassin program can be quite powerful when configured correctly. The guide below is designed to assist you in the process. How to activate & configure Spam Assassin in SiteAdmin: How to active & configure Spam Assassin in cPanel:   Configuring […]

Email: How to Access Webmail

Before the advent of web enabled smart phones, webmail was previously the easiest way to to send/receive emails while you are away from your regular email program. Webmail is still a highly useful tool that can be accessed from anywheres in the world. The general method to check your email address remains […]

Email: Delete A EMAIL Account

Warning: Deleting an email account will remove it from the system. All emails presently stored on the server (IMAP users), will be removed by completing this task. All new messages addressed to the deleted email account will be returned to sender SiteAdmin: Delete email account cPanel: Delete email account   How to […]

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