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Email: How to setup a email account in Mac Mail 8, 9, and 10

This tutorial will show you how to setup your e-mail account as IMAP in Mac Mail. IMAP will store your e-mail on the Site5 server so that if you setup the same account on another computer or a mobile device, all of your e-mail will be accessible and synced.

Email: Mailing List Software

What is a mailing list? A mailing list allows either a group of like-minded individuals to discuss a similar topic via email, or allows a select few individuals to make periodic announcements to a voluntary group of individuals through email.  An email list allows your members to easily unsubscribe or […]

Email: Create A SPF Record

Spam emails, we all get them, and we all dislike them. Often though we spend so much time combating the spam that comes into our inboxes, that we often overlook the fact that these emails had to be sent somehow, and this process is called outbound spam. Outbound spam is detectable […]

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