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What are the Site5 DNS servers?


The Site5 DNS servers are listed below. The Site5 DNS servers can be used with the following hosting products: Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, and our VPS and Cloud VPS that come with SiteAdmin.

Some registrars require the addition of the IP addresses when you are setting up your nameservers (such as .eu TLDs). If your registrar requires the IP addresses of our nameservers you can use the following: – –

If you are using our Reseller Hosting, Cloud Reseller Hosting, or a VPS or Cloud VPS with cPanel, you have two options for your name servers.

1) Create your own custom name servers 

2) Use the generic name servers that were created by us when your account was created. Please consult your welcome letter for these name servers.

Note: If you did not receive your welcome letter, please contact our team and we can re-send it out to you.

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If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.


  • Can a Site5 Web site be configured to use the OpenDNS service?

    • Hi John,

      Our managed services – both shared and managed VPS – are set up in such a way that this would not be permitted. However, on our Unmanaged VPS services – – you can set this up, yes.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Changed dns for my domain to point to

    However, its not working..

    • Hi Manuel,

      I am sorry to hear that, but this could be caused by any number of things. Can you open a ticket with our support team on this, so we can take a look for you? You can enter the ticket via BackStage, using the Support link.

  • Are we required to move our DNS from our registrar to site5 or can we just point the records to the correct place? If so, do we have control over add/moves/changes on the Site5 server?

    I am an integrator and this question was just posed to me so I haven’t looked.

    • Hi Dave,

      No, we do not require anyone to move their DNS to us. You can easily just update the DNS records at your external registrar/nameservers.

      The only downside to not using our nameservers is that we would be unable to help with any DNS edits that might be needed due to our lack of access to the zone files. :)

      • How is that done? what address should I forward my domain to in that case?

        • That would depend on what server you are on. If you contact our support team and ask for the IP address you should set you A records to, we would be happy to provide that information to you.

  • Could you use your own IP for the dns or do addon domains have a general one that is shown above?

    • I’m not entirely sure what you mean. The nameservers above have their own IPs, which you would need if you are using your own custom nameservers. Addon domains and main domains use the same DNS information, as well.

  • I need to point godaddy domain to site5 so i can set up email and new site – do i need to add both name servers provided by your support team?

    • In order to provide a stable and secure DNS setup, both DNS servers are needed, yes.

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