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DNS: Network Tools

Throughout your hosting experience you may come across situations in which you find that your website doesn’t load for you but it does load for others. When viewing other help articles or when you contact support you may be asked to perform a  MTR, a PING, or a Trace route. These […]

DNS: Add a wild card DNS record

In this article, we will show you how to create a wildcard DNS entry. A wildcard DNS entry can be used for many things, but its general intended use is for use in wildcard SSL certificates. A wildcard SSL certificate is where you wish to provide secure connection to all areas […]

DNS: How to use the Advanced DNS Editor

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a system behind the Internet that is responsible for converting human-readable domain names (for example, into computer-readable IP addresses (for example, DNS uses zone files that reside on our server to map domain names to IP addresses. The Simple DNS Editor allows you to quickly […]

What are the Site5 DNS servers?

The Site5 DNS servers are listed below. The Site5 DNS servers can be used with the following hosting products: Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, and our VPS and Cloud VPS that come with SiteAdmin. Some registrars require the addition of the IP addresses when you are setting up […]

DNS: Create or Manage Custom Nameservers

Notice: If you were sent here due to a migration, you will be able to find the IP addresses for your new name servers in both your start and completion e-mails. If you did not receive these or need additional help, please contact support and we can provide you with […]

Email: Create A SPF Record

Spam emails, we all get them, and we all dislike them. Often though we spend so much time combating the spam that comes into our inboxes, that we often overlook the fact that these emails had to be sent somehow, and this process is called outbound spam. Outbound spam is detectable […]

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