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WHM Overview

Below we have provided links to articles that cover some of the WHM features. WHM: How to create a new cPanel Account WHM: View a list of the accounts WHM: How to search for accounts WHM: How to access cPanel Accounts WHM: How to change an account’s password WHM: List […]

Magento Overview

Below we have linked to articles covering basic install instructions using Softaculous: SiteAdmin: How to install Magento cPanel: How to install Magento SSH: How to install Magento Below you will find articles covering usage of the application: Magento: How to change tax rates Magento: How to create and approve tags […]

WordPress Overview

  WordPress is a wonderful application that allows us to host many different kinds of websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, photo gallery sites, etc. WordPress Installation Guides: SiteAdmin: How to install WordPress cPanel: How to install WordPress WordPress Operation & Management: WordPress: Settings WordPress: Password WordPress: How to edit your profile WordPress: How to change your […]

MultiAdmin Overview

  MultiAdmin is our Legacy site management tool (if your package includes it). It allows you to create, edit, suspend, and delete extra SiteAdmin accounts. Because of this, it enables you to host unlimited websites using an entirely separate control panel (SiteAdmin) and file system for each site. When you create new sites, they will […]

Mac Mail Overview

Mac Mail is a free client that comes with OS X machines. You can use the guide below to open up the email program and/or you can use the links below to start configuring the software right away! To determine the version of Mac Mail you are using: Launch the mail […]

FTP Overview

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an internet standard protocol for transferring files from one location to another. Normally this is used to move files from your computer to a server, or in reverse. FTP enables you to easily update your website files using a client specifically designed to work with the FTP protocol. […]

cPanel Overview

cPanel is where you’ll manage every aspect of your website including email accounts, addon domains, access web statistics, and more! For instructions on how to login, please click here. How to find the Server IP Preferences Change Password Change Style Update Contact info Mail Email Accounts Create Email Account / Change […]

phpMyAdmin Overview

phpMyAdmin is a database management tool used for mySQL databases. It allows you to easily modify databases with a friendly user interface. Please note that when you try to access phpMyAdmin, it will open in a new window. Some popup blockers may prevent this and should be adjusted accordingly. If you are having […]

SiteAdmin Overview

SiteAdmin is the control panel for your website(s). The underlying technology is the industry-standard cPanel control panel. SiteAdmin is our layer on top of cPanel that cleans up the interface as well as provides additional tools and features not in cPanel by default. It is where you’ll manage every aspect of […]

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