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phpMyAdmin Overview


phpMyAdmin is a database management tool used for mySQL databases. It allows you to easily modify databases with a friendly user interface.

Please note that when you try to access phpMyAdmin, it will open in a new window. Some popup blockers may prevent this and should be adjusted accordingly.

If you are having issues connecting to phpMyAdmin, it could be due to firewall settings on your computer. You may want to try allowing ports 2082, as well as 2083.

If you are still having issues accessing phpMyAdmin, you may want to use a tool called cPanel Proxy. More information can be found here.


To access phpMyAdmin from within SiteAdmin, click databases from the left-hand menu in SiteAdmin, then click phpMyAdmin.


To access phpMyAdmin from within cpanel, go to the databases section, then clikc phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin Instructions

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  • Very nice tutorials. Easy to understand.

  • Is there a way for a direct access to the Site5-installed phpMyAdmin without having to go through the cPanel? Our customers don’t want to give their CMS website developer access to their Control Panel.

    As a detour, I have FTP uploaded a copy of the latest phpMyAdmin to the /public_html directory. And voila, by calling the http:///phpMyAdmin and logging in with the proper username/ password the website developer accesses the newest version of phpMyAdmin panel without going through the Control Panel. Is this approach wrong?

    • In my previous message the http:///phpMyAdmin was written with a smaller-sign “domainname” larger-sign in between the slashes but it disappeared.

      Let me rewrite it as http://domain-name/phpMyAdmin

    • Hi Stavros,

      That should work, yes. As long as you are seeing your database in that installation – and it is secured behind a password – it will be fine.

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