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How to setup an email account in KMail

KMail Setup Guide Follow the steps below to configure KMail. Go to Settings and click Configure KMail. Click Identity and add the name you want to display in emails and full email address. Click Accounts or Network. Under the Receiving tab, press the ADD button and add your incoming email […]

Email: How to setup an IMAP e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

This tutorial assumes you’ve already created your new email account in SiteAdmin or cPanel. Now let’s learn how to setup that new email account in Thunderbird, so you’ll be able to send/receive emails to/from that new email account from here. 1) Click the menu button 2) Navigate to Preferences and […]

Google Mail Fetcher

Why use a Mail Fetcher versus an Email Forwarder? Forwarded emails tend to cause blacklisting with major email providers, and it will cause your emails to be marked as spam.  Blacklisting also causes your server’s sending reputation to be penalized since it was the last server to send the email. Ultimately, your server […]

Email: Setup Email in Blackberry

Before you can use email in blackberry devices, you must subscribe to BlackBerry email service through your wireless provider. Please contact your wireless provider if you experience any trouble sending or receiving emails Setting Up Email for BlackBerry 6 or 7 OS Set-up email for your BlackBerry: Click the Setup […]

Security: Email Harvesting/Privacy

In this article, we will show you some best practice methods to help keep your email out of the hands of spam bots/email harvesters. There are bots out there and are always on the lookout for email addresses so that they can be either used to send you spam, or […]

Email: Common Email Problems

In this article, we will cover common email problems and how to troubleshot them. Can’t Read Emails There can be a large number of reasons that may cause you not to be able to read emails. Here are the most common. Incorrect Username Most email clients only put the first part of […]

Email Forwarders Overview

In this article we are going to talk about how email forwards can be helpful to website owners and users. We will also discuss the dos and recommended don’ts for email forwarders. Note: To skip all these details and jump straight to the instructions on how to set these up, simply click […]

Email: Access Emails on the File System

In this article, we will show you how to read/delete emails directly from the file system. This can be used if your email is over quota and you need to make space by deleting emails. You will need a FTP or sFTP client. For this demonstration, we will be using WinSCP. […]

Email: Setup a user based catchall email account

In this article we will demonstrate a way to use a catchall with multiple users. This can be helpful if you want to have an email format like john_* where the * would act as a wild card and match anything while the john_ would make the email to go the john’s […]

Email: Email Limits

We have outlined the limits for our shared/non-dedicated hosting plans. If you have any questions regarding any of these limits, please feel free to contact our support team. MAIL LIMITS Recipients are limited to 25 per message Mailing list size is limited to 1,500 members POP Connections limited to 60 […]

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