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Control Panel Overview

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Backstage is our client account management system. This is where you will see invoices, update your contact information, update your credit card information, create/view/update support tickets, and whatnot. This system utilizes an email address and password for authentication and is accessible at


SiteAdmin is the control panel for your website(s). The underlying technology is the industry-standard cPanel control panel. SiteAdmin is our layer on top of cPanel that cleans up the interface as well as provides additional tools and features not in cPanel by default. This system uses a username and password combination for authentication. This username and password is the same as the primary FTP username and password.

If you navigate to SiteAdmin after you’re already logged into Backstage, you won’t have to enter your SiteAdmin password as it is usually saved in Backstage in an encrypted form. If you log into SiteAdmin directly (, you’ll have to enter your SiteAdmin username and password.

You can also access any of your SiteAdmin accounts directly from Backstage by using the SiteAdmin drop-down menu located in the top right corner after you login to Backstage.

For more information on how to login to SiteAdmin, please click here.


MultiAdmin is our site management tool (if your package includes it). It allows you to create, edit, suspend, and delete extra SiteAdmin accounts. Because of this, it enables you to host unlimited websites using an entirely separate control panel (SiteAdmin) and file system for each site. When you create new sites, they will appear in the SiteAdmin drop-down menu located in Backstage.

You can access this tool by clicking the MultiAdmin tab located in Backstage.

For more information on how to login to MultiAdmin, please click here.


WHM, or WebHostManager is very similar to MultiAdmin. It allows you to create, edit, and delete separate hosting account. With WHM you have more control over what features each hosting account has access to as well as the possibility of automating many functions (suspend, create, etc) by connecting it to a billing system such as Blesta, ClientExec, or WHMCS. This panel is built and designed for clients that wish to start their own hosting business.

To login to WHM, simply type the domain name or ip address into a web browser, followed by “/whm”. For example,


cPanel is similar to SiteAdmin in functionality.  It allows you to manage your hosting account (email accounts, ftp accounts, file management, etc).

For more information on how to login to cPanel, please click here.

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