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phpMyAdmin Overview

phpMyAdmin is a database management tool used for mySQL databases. It allows you to easily modify databases with a friendly user interface. Please note that when you try to access phpMyAdmin, it will open in a new window. Some popup blockers may prevent this and should be adjusted accordingly. If you are having […]

SiteAdmin Overview

SiteAdmin is the control panel for your website(s). The underlying technology is the industry-standard cPanel control panel. SiteAdmin is our layer on top of cPanel that cleans up the interface as well as provides additional tools and features not in cPanel by default. It is where you’ll manage every aspect of […]

WHM: Manage Feature Lists

Many of the features that can be assigned to a cPanel account are stored by WHM in Feature Lists, which allow you to enable or disable whatever features you want. Once created, a list can be assigned to a Package and then chosen when creating a cPanel account. 1) To manage […]

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