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Softaculous Backups

Customers are responsible for their own backups and web content and should make their own backups for extra protection. Site5 encourages customers to have an automated weekly or monthly backup, daily backups are not permitted. Our backups are provided as a courtesy and are not guaranteed. There can only be […]

cPanel: How To Install Applications

In this article, we will outline how you install web software using the Web Apps tool within SiteAdmin. If you would like some assistance with the management of the software or you would like to see a full list of software that you can use with the WebApps tool, please […]

How to Manage Applications Via Softaculous

In this article, we will outline how you can modify, delete, and upgrade scripts installed using the Softaculous tool within cPanel. If you would like some assistance with the installation of applications via Softaculous For this article, we will assume that you are already logged into cPanel. Access In this section, […]

cPanel: How to install Roundcube

This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel Now let’s see how to install Roundcube using Softaculous. 1) Click the Softaculous link under the Software/Services section. 2) Enter Roundcube into the search box located at the top right corner. Then click the Roundcube option from the drop-down. 3) Click the Install button for this application. 4) Select the domain prefix you wish […]

WebApps/Softaculous Software List

Softaculous/WebApps are tools located within your SiteAdmin/cPanel that help you easily install other web based programs with just a few clicks. These tools do all the tedious work involved with software installation such as the database creation and unpacking of files. Below we have a list of the software that […]

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