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Getting Started: Ways to Create


In this article, we will talk about ways that you can create your website.

Note: If you already have a website and need help moving it to our services, please skip this article and click here.

In today’s world, it has become much easier to create websites. Gone is the need to know programming languages or HTML (though it can be helpful) to create great looking, feature rich sites.

Here at Site5, we offer a number of different ways to create your website. From basic small static websites to fully functional blogs or online shops. Below we outline the most commonly used methods and we will also provide you with links to find more information about said method.


goMobi makes it incredibly easy for users to build a mobile-optimized website. Users can take advantage of features like dozens of templates and color schemes, video embeds, social sharing buttons, and even a “call us” button that makes it incredibly easy for visitors to contact them.

To sign up for goMobi, just visit Backstage, click “Add-Ons,” and select “goMobi Mobile Website.”

Web Apps / Softaculous

We also give you access to an easy to use, one click installer that enables you to use install hundreds of pre-made content management systems (CMS) for FREE!. Some of these scripts include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

For information on how to install these scripts, please click here.

For more information about some of the more popular scripts, click here.

Software / FTP

In addition to the methods listed above, you can also use software on your computer (e.g. Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver, etc) to create your website on your computer and then upload it to the server. You can upload your own website by using either the built in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) function of the web design software, or by using a standalone FTP client like FileZilla.

For more information about FTP, please click here.

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  • The second line says “Note: If you already have a website and need help moving it to our services, please skip this article and click here.” but there is no link. Where do I go if all I want to do is build a form page on my existing site?

    • Hi Eric,

      Sorry about that – there definitely should be a link there. To add a new page to your site, with a form, you would simply need to create the new page the same way you created the others, and follow the steps at to create the form.

      Note that this is not the only way to create a form, but is one popular example.

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