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Email: How to setup a POP/IMAP e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2013


This tutorial assumes you’ve already created your new email account in SiteAdmin or cPanel and you now need assistance in configuring your Microsoft Outlook 2013 to connect to the newly created email account. Please note this guide applies to Outlook 2013, please the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page for other versions.


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  • thanks it worked perfectly and thank u very much again

  • What are the ports for SSL?

    • Hi David,

      For POP, these would be 995 and 465 (incoming and outgoing, respectively).

      For IMAP, 465 is outgoing, and incoming is 993.

  • hi,

    everything seems ok for my outlook setting, but it does not download my email from the webmail. i have double checked the details of setting over and over but it does not work. please help.


  • sorry i forgot to say that my outlook is 2013 and my setting is as default in advanced tab.
    imap:143 none
    smtp:25 none

    in outgoing tab, i have ticked my smtp requires authentication and i have also ticked use same setting as my incoming mail server.


    • Hi Lida,

      That is odd, as the settings you have provided should work normally. Can you take some screenshots of your settings, and add them to a ticket to our support team via BackStage? Our technical support crew will need to take a look at this issue for you.

  • Okay so I upgraded computers about 3 months ago, from Microsoft outlook 2007, to Microsoft outlook 2013, I transferred all of my old file from the old computer to the new one using easy windows transfer and cable. So after finally figuring out all my settings and what not, everything seemed to be working fine, but about 4 days ago, my outlook wouldn’t let me log in. Said file couldn’t be found? And I lost all of my folders and previous emails that are extremely important. Can’t seems to find any of my old .pst files. also when I try to access certain files it say access denied contact media, or something like this. Can anyone please help! Thanks

    • Hi Tisha,

      That is very strange – the version of your Outlook installation should not affect that at all. Unfortunately, there is little we can do from our side, either, as it is all related to files and settings on your system. Do you still have the old data, and can transfer it again?

      • James,

        I still have the old laptop that I transferred all of the files from, but the light in the screen is out, so that makes it very difficult to do this task, but I suppose that’s what I’m going to have to do. The only thing that worries me about this is I still wont have the emails from when I started using my new laptop until now. :( Thanks for all your help, I guess its back to square one tonight with the old laptop.

        • If any email goes missing, as long as it was on the server around midnight (server time) we should be able to restore it for you, from our backups. If you’re using IMAP, we should be able to get most of the email, if not all.

          • How do I recover them? Or get access to them, I’ve tried access my .pst file but I haven’t seemed to have any luck with that. Could this be caused by someone deleting a file? I don’t think that happened, I’m normally the only one with access to my computer, but I guess anything possible. right? Thanks for all your help

            • Hi Tisha,

              It may be possible that a file was deleted, yes. Were you using IMAP or POP for your mail? This would be set in the mail client itself – if it is (or was) IMAP, the mail should still be on the server or in our backups, which you can request from within BackStage. I would confirm what mail protocol you were using before requesting this, though. If you were using POP, we would not have much mail in our backups at all, and it would overwrite much of what is on the server now.

              • James,

                When I look up my account in Outlook it shows it as pop/smtp, so I’m assuming that is was it was before. So does that mean there’s no recovering those lost emails? I finally got my email back working, as in sending & receiving, so now my biggest problem is recovering the subfolders/emails that I lost.

                • Also I was going to ask, when I go into computer, this PC, under that reads taggirl, my user name, when I go to open it I get the following message: Access Denied
                  Taggirl is denying access to your PC. Contact the owner of the media server to allow your pc access. <== Hmmm whats that mean? could it have something to do with my email problems? I have no clue how this all got messed up, I simply use this computer for work, emails, and internet searches.

                  • Hi Tisha,

                    POP means that we may be able to recover some from backup, but it would be a VERY small percentage only, as the mail is removed from the server as you download it. Backups are generated once a day, so only mail that was sent to you between the last time you checked your mail and when the backup was generated would be present.

                    Regarding your access issue, that is something internal to your network, and not something that we would be able to help with from here.

                    • James,

                      Thank you for all the information and help you gave me. So to protect myself in the future, in case something like this occurs again, what should I do? Can I set my emails to save on my server, or back them up somehow?

                    • Hi Tisha,

                      Any time :) You can simply change from POP to IMAP, as that will keep the mail on the server, even as you download it.

    • So I get to work this morning, after getting everything to work last night at home (outgoing & incoming) and my email is messed up yet again! Wont send or receive, grrr looks like its another day of trying to figure this out. Maybe its time to take this machine to someone who knows what their doing ;) Love the new laptop, but not the problems that can with it.

  • my outlook is 2013. i have the same problem with lida. is it better if we just downgrade to outlook 2010 (or any lower version)?

    • Hi jan,

      That is very strange. I would not recommend a downgrade, no. Can you open a ticket with our support team, as well, via BackStage?

      • Hi James,

        Thank you James but I have already downgraded to outlook 2010, and it now works perfectly. I just cant set up outlook 2013 on my new PC i have even ask a friend for help but we cant really figured it out. so i decided to just revert back to 2010.

        • Hi Jan,

          That is very strange. I would like to take a look at 2013, though. If you want to try it again, feel free to contact us in a ticket, and we’ll do everything we can to get it working for you :)

  • Thank you so much! I’ve spent well over 2 hours today looking all over Outlook 2013 and the internet trying to figure this out. Once I found your tutorial, it was fixed in less than 5 minutes. Saved me from having to attempt reverting to 2010! :)

  • HELP! My set up went through everything and test email was sent fine. I can see and read the test email in gmail. And it came back and show completed in status in the “Test Account Settings” dialog box in the last step. But when I click “Close” button, it popped up “The requested operation failed” and I’m not able to go further than that. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Pat,

      That is definitely odd, as the test message was sent normally. If you forcefully close your mail client and re-open it, is your mail working normally?

      • Hi James,

        Same thing happens in my outlook upon setting up Gmail.
        I’m pretty sure that Outlook works fine as other email AOL and Yahoo are working ok.

        Please help

  • I recently installed ms outlook 2013 and now none of my inbox mail is there. I am not sure what to do. None of my past email or email received today is visible.

    I had set up a gmail acct to direct incoming mail from my isp to that acct..and that is working fine– so I know it is working fine on the isp side.


    • Hi Susan,

      I am sorry to hear that. Was this account set up in another mail client, prior to this? If so, was this set up as a POP account in that mail client? That would explain the missing mail, as POP downloads the mail and removes it from the server, rather than saves it for download elsewhere.

      We may be able to recover this mail for you, though. Can you open a ticket with our support team, via BackStage, with the relevant details, so we can take a look for you?

  • Hi James,

    I am having a similar issue, I am using Microsoft Oulook 2013, I have configured an IMAP account using outlooks default profile, The account worked fine for a week and then stopped working as in i am able to SEND Messages but when i click on Send/Receive, Outlook only connects to the SMTP Server to Send message/s, but does not connect to the incoming server to retrieve new messages, I have created a new “TEST” profile and recreated the account using PoP3 and incoming and outgoing works fine, but with IMAP outgoing works fine but INCOMING does not work, I would appreciate your help in this matter.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Sajid,

      That is quite strange. Can you open a ticket with our support team on this, including any error messages you are receiving? If you can add some screenshots of your settings that would certainly speed up a resolution, as well. You can open a ticket from BackStage, using the Support links.

    • I have the same exact problem. How did you fix?

      • Hello Mike,

        I am sorry to hear of the trouble. I would recommend you contact our support team so we can take a look.

  • This “Assumes” that you can OPEN outlook 2013.. :) My problem is I opened a Microsoft Office 365 account with GoDaddy after closing my old one with Microsoft, and when I downloaded the new 2013 office, opened Outlook and typed in my email credentials, the Outlook program now comes up to a blue window saying opening outlook. It sits and spins for about 3 minutes and then closes. I CANNOT open outlook to ATTEMPT to make any changes.. What kind of STUPID program would not at least open up and allow you to make corrections??? As the old beer commercial so famously quoted.. “BRILLIANT!!!”

    • Hi Chris,

      It sounds as though the installation of Outlook is corrupted in some way. This is not really within our scope of support, but if you have no mail saved in that installation already, you may be best off uninstalling and then reinstalling the application.

  • When you refer to a domain name in step nine (, I do not have a domain name, i.e., .com. What do I need to do to make this work?

    • Hi Lou,

      In that case, you can use the server’s hostname (which should be mentioned in the welcome letter you receive with your hosting). But if you do not have a domain name, you don’t really need these steps, as you would not have an email address to configure in this way – you need a domain name to do this.

  • I also have tried (for about 5 hours now) to set up my email account in Outlook 2013 – I have done this on many other computers with many other versions of Outlook over the years with no problems – I receive the test message ok but can not send or receive. I think it’s probably time to install something that WILL send my emails, this is insane, definitely a problem with Outlook 2013, I have seen these help messages saying the same thing, with no solutions.

  • Hi,

    I have been trying to set up Gmail in Outlook 2010 for days now but i keep on getting “The Request Operation Failed” after running the test account settings and it wont let me go any further. I tried using different port numbers and even tried configuring Imap and POP3 but same no joy. I tried following all the procedures found online such as enabling POP3 in Webmail, unchecking leave a copy in mail server, etc but still same error.

    Any advise?

    • Hi Carlo,

      I am sorry, but I am not sure what you mean. Are you trying to set up your email address in Outlook? I am afraid we will not be able to offer much help on that, and I would recommend contacting Google’s support team with your error message.

  • Hi,

    I set up multiple emails and it started working fine with no issue. However, with two of my accounts, I am not able to send mail when I am not on the network where I originally added the accounts to Outlook. Is there some setting I need to change on the account to let me send mail while connected to another network? Some of my email accounts don’t have this issue.


    • Hi Adam,

      That is very strange indeed. Normally, if changing networks were to interfere with your connection it would interfere with all of them. Check the ports you are using for the accounts that are failing, compared to the accounts that are not, and make sure they are set the same. Some networks block common SMTP ports for all but their own mail servers.

  • Please guys am STRUGGLINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG R2799 can enjoy it in last 24hrs

    • Hi David,

      I am sorry to hear of your troubles. If you are having issues setting up your mail, you may want to contact our support team in a chat session, and we can walk you through it.

  • Hi, I wonder if you can help me? I have recently moved my email account to a new server and have configured my outlook accounts to the new hosts, however my outlook emails are not coming through daily. They are on a 4 day delay and then bulk drop into my inbox.

    I have set the account up as above and its still not working, please can you help?


    • Hi Joanna,

      I am sorry to hear of the trouble. What you are describing is quite odd, and I am honestly not sure what would cause that. Can I ask you to contact our support team about this, so we can take a closer look for you?

  • Hi,
    i’ve added the email account in Outlook 2013 and i have some probs:
    1) in the preview panel i cannot delete directly the message…i have to open it first and then delete it. i get a message that sasy something like “cannot complete the operation as the object has been deleted”? what can i do to avoid that?
    2) i cannot send any email, it stays in the outgoing tray but doesn’t go out, what can i do?
    thanks a lot for your help

    • Hi Marco,

      For the first issue, that may be something with Outlook – it would not be the server preventing that action. For the second, can you contact our support team about that? Please provide any errors you receive, as well as the settings you have specified.

  • Hi,

    Scenario 1: Using manual set up
    I am trying to set up my outlook 2013 with the corporate email but when testing the connection it can’t connect to my corporate email account.

    Scenario 2: Automatic set up
    When I try the auto connect, it is successful but i cant receive any email.

    Thanks. Looking for your fast response.

    • Hello Alec,

      That is strange – does your corporate mail server require specific settings? An odd port selection or specific login setting requirements could explain this behaviour, though you would need to contact your internal IT team to confirm that. Or is this hosted through us?

  • Everything passes the tests but then I get a “The Requested Operation Failed” noticed

    • Hello Alex,

      I am sorry to hear that. Can I ask you to contact our support team with this? We would be happy to look into this for you, but this is not the ideal place to troubleshoot this error.

  • Hi, i’m trying to setup a microsoft outlook Imap account for 50 staff members for my startup firm. I’ve created the accounts in cpanel but when I want to connect to outlook, it doesn’t log on to the incoming mail server and doesn’t send test message. Checked outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication, Imap:143 (none) smtp: 25 (none). Also tried SSL Imap :993 (incoming) 465 (outgoing)… please I’ll appreciate an immediate response to solve this problem, thank you.

    • Hi Mykell!

      It sounds like your settings are correct. If you are using an SSL connection, it would be best to set your incoming and outgoing mail host as the hostname of the server your accounts are on. This will help prevent any SSL certificate errors. If this does not help resolve your issue, please do contact our support team by opening a ticket through backstage or by emailing [email protected] and our staff will be glad to check out the problem further and help get your mail working.

  • All worked fine but I am curious:
    I am now using [name_of_site5_server] for incoming and outgoing server as per your instructions and it works fine via ssl (with ports 993 and 465), but why is that better than using mail.[mydomain].com as the incoming and outgoing server?

    • Hi Alan,

      Both will work fine, but if you are using SSL mail.[yourdomain].com would require you to purchase an SSL certificate. As we already have one installed for the server hostname, you do not need to do anything extra.

      • Thanks. For years I used mail.[mydomain].net without getting my own certificate and outlook would periodically alert me (whenever I started it up) that the certificate from the server was unverified. Does that mean that all those years my connection to the server was actually not encrypted? If so, my bad ;)

        • Hi Alan,

          No, the data was still encrypted, but the mismatch in hostnames caused the warnings.

  • doest this work with outlook 365?

    • Hello Casey,

      The settings would be the same, yes, but the steps may differ slightly based on the version. If you cannot find the location to enter these, please contact our support team, and we will be happy to help.

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