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Email: Email Limits


We have outlined the limits for our shared/non-dedicated hosting plans. If you have any questions regarding any of these limits, please feel free to contact our support team.


  • Recipients are limited to 25 per message
  • Mailing list size is limited to 1,500 members
  • POP Connections limited to 60 per hour
  • Outbound SMTP connections limited to 500 per hour
  • Messages in Trash folders will be automatically deleted after 15 days


  • All messages sent over 1000 per hour are rejected with a too many messages bounceback
  • Once an IP logs in via POP over 70 times in an hour, the IP is blocked by the firewall
  • The Maximum amount of simultaneous IMAP connections from a single IP address is 20
  • The Maximum amount of simultaneous POP connections from a single IP address is 5
  • The Maximum attachment size is 50MB

Note: Attachments do inflate when sent via e-mail because they are MIME base64 encoded. This can add 20-30% to the actual size of the message on your computer, so keep that in mind when sending large files via email.

For more information regarding our resource usage policy, please click here.

Still have a question? Or need help?
If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.


  • may i know one thing. i have 3000 people in my email list. i will be send my mail via phplist. is possible first i send 1500 list and next i delete it one send new 1500 list.

  • Hello Nesan,

    The limit of 1500 is for total subscribers to a mailing list. Even with that many, you would need to send in batches (usually 20-25 every few seconds). If you need 3000 on the list, you can create a second list for half of the subscribers. The limit listed here is for the shared services, but do not apply on a VPS plan, which we would be happy to move you to if you like.

  • is there any limits for mails per day or 24 hours

    • Hi Nesan,

      As mentioned in this article, the limit is 1000 sent messages per hour. Meaning the limit in 24 hours, is 24 000 sent messages (though the hourly limit still holds, so you cannot send 500 at 2am, then 1500 at 3am).

  • thanks a lot

  • Hi

    The 1000 sent message limit per hour is per domain or each email account created under certain domain has a limit of 1000 sent messages per hour?


    • Hi Mel,

      The 1000 messages per hour limit is per domain. This is to ensure that no 1 domain can flood the mail server with messages and create mail delays for any other users on the server.

  • Hey team,

    Lets say that at the end of every month I wanted to run a cron script to email the members of my allowed mailing list with updates to the website. The email database has 18,633 recipients.

    I know this will take a while however would I be allowed to send, one email – to one recipient every minute until the list was complete?

    Also, this list is a user submitted list and I cannot guarantee that they are all valid so there might be some bounce backs.

    • Hello Samuel,

      If these are in a mailing list, they are restricted to 1500 recipients. I know what you’re describing is not ‘technically’ a mailing list, and this is a clever way to get around these limits, but I think you would find an email from our Server Health team in your inbox with this :)

      Your best bet on this is to go to one of our VPS plans, where the limits are more flexible :)

  • Hi
    I had a question around mail restrictions. We are a petition site. We don’t use the site for mail outs – we use mailchimp for that.
    Every now and then, we “have a call to action” where we request our supporters to come to our website and individually send a protest email (which would go to 8-9 people at a time). These are sent as PHP mail() from WordPress and appear to the recipient as coming from the person lodging the protest. We would not exceed the 1000/hour send rate, but wanted to confirm there is no issues around using the PHP mail() function as I understand this is blocked by some hosting companies.

    • Hi Mark,

      There should be no issues with the actions you describe at all. Provided the messages are not spam-like, this should be fine.

  • Is the limit to outbound email only? We cc some email notices to our own domain emails. Does this count towards the email limit?

    • Hi Tony,

      This applies to all mail sent from your domain, regardless of the destination.

  • I am a bit confused regarding the email limit of
    “POP Connections are limited to 60 per hour”
    and the hard limit of
    “Once an IP logs in via POP over 70 times in an hour, the IP is blocked by the firewall”

    Does the first mean only a single email account and the second any number of email accounts?

    If true, then a company with 60 email accounts all automatically checked through the company’s connection every 10 minutes would equal to 360 POP connections from the same IP. Would that mean that their IP connection would be blocked by the firewall after the first 12 minutes?

    I have a customer with 60 email accounts (I don’t know exactly how often they check their email accounts – some frequently, some infrequently – and from where, though most from the same company connection). I have never got any complain from them.

    • Hi Stavros!

      Your understanding is correct. If an office is connecting to 60 email accounts that frequently, the best option would be for that company’s site to be on a VPS option where those limits can be altered slightly. These limits are in place to ensure our shared servers run excellent for all users on them and having a high level of mail connections and traffic can degrade server performance greatly.

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