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SiteAdmin: Server Info Page

The server information page allows you to not only see what software is installed, but what version the software is. This demo assumes you are already logged into SiteAdmin 1) Click the Programming Center button located in the left-hand menu, then click Server Info 2) You can find your account IP […]

Logs: View website error log

The error log displays the 300 errors for your website. This can be very useful for determining what links are broken on your site, checking which files do not exist that should, or debugging scripts. Checking this log frequently can help keep your site running smoothly. SiteAdmin: View WEBSITE error […]

How to use IP Ban/Deny Manager

The IP Ban/Deny Manager enables you to block access to your site from specific IP’s, a range of IP’s or even a domain name. This is helpful if you need to block someone who is using a large amount of bandwidth, attempting malicious activity, or if you need to block a range of […]

Permissions Overview

CHMOD (Change Mode) is the file permission system used by UNIX based servers which Site5 uses. The permissions appear as a set of 3 numbers in a row. In order of appearance, the numbers represent user, group, and other’s access level. Without going into too much detail, here are some […]

How to create and manage backups

When major developments are slated for your website its encouraged for you to make a backup of the website before hand. Doing so will give you the ability to quickly restore your website to working status in the event that something goes wrong during the development. Aside from the backup feature in […]

How to setup and manage Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs allow you to automate certain commands or scripts on your site. You can set a command or script to run at a specific time every day, week, etc. For example, you could set a cron job to delete temporary files every week so that your disk space is […]

WebApps/Softaculous Software List

Softaculous/WebApps are tools located within your SiteAdmin/cPanel that help you easily install other web based programs with just a few clicks. These tools do all the tedious work involved with software installation such as the database creation and unpacking of files. Below we have a list of the software that […]

Control Panel Overview

Backstage Backstage is our client account management system. This is where you will see invoices, update your contact information, update your credit card information, create/view/update support tickets, and whatnot. This system utilizes an email address and password for authentication and is accessible at SiteAdmin SiteAdmin is the control panel […]

How to check your disk space

The Disk Usage icon is utilized when you are wishing to get an overview of the amount of space your website and its files are taking up on your account. The best use of this Disk Usage feature is using it determine where the largest folders are located within your account and […]

SiteAdmin: How to access the Server Status page

This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to SiteAdmin Now let’s see how to access the server status page. 1) Click the Server Status option from the left menu. 2) The current status of the server will be displayed here. 3) Any major notices will show up here. 4) You can see any server/node wide issues […]

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