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How to use IP Ban/Deny Manager


The IP Ban/Deny Manager enables you to block access to your site from specific IP’s, a range of IP’s or even a domain name. This is helpful if you need to block someone who is using a large amount of bandwidth, attempting malicious activity, or if you need to block a range of IP addresses.

Here are the diffrent types of ranges you can block using the IP Ban/Deny Manager – Single IP Address – Range – Implied Range – CIDR Format
10. – Implied 10.*.*.*


How To Block IP Addresses In SiteAdmin

This article assumes that you are already logged into SiteAdmin.

1) Click Security from the left-hand menu, then click IP Ban Manager or select IP Ban Manager icon in the main menu.


2) Enter the IP address or range you wish to block

3) Click the Ban IP/Domain button

That’s it! Anyone attempting to access the site from a banned address will now receive an Error 403 (Forbidden) page.

If you need to remove a ban, simply click the X corresponding to the entry you wish to remove.



How To Block IP Addresses In cPanel

This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel

Now let’s learn how to use the IP Deny manager in cPanel, to block certain IP addresses from having access to our website

1) Click IP Deny Manager

2) Enter an IP address or range you would like to block, then click Add

That’s it! We’ve blocked anyone using the IP address from accessing our website

3) You can see the IP addresses currently being blocked here. To unblock this IP address, click here…

4) Then confirm by clicking Remove IP

That’s it! The IP address has been removed from the blocked list

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to block IP addresses from accessing your website



Still have a question? Or need help?
If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.


  • Looking at my Error Log it became apparent that almost all errors that show up also show up on by IP address as BLACKLISTED! After spending several hours adding these to my IP Ban manager in cpanel it dawned on me that this is a firewall function.

    I have added 97 IP addresses to the IP Ban manager so far!

    Why isn’t the site5 firewall catching and blocking malicious Hackers and Spammers before they get to my account?


    • Hello Ken,

      We do, actually. Our server-level firewall blocks a great deal of malicious connections long before they ever reach your account. As this is running on a production web server, however, we can’t have the server-level filters too tight, as legitimate traffic would get caught in it as well.

  • If I have an IP ban, I notice that my error log shows not only that the visitor was blocked by the server config, but that it’s immediately followed by a 404 error because I don’t have a custom 403.shtml.

    But if I create a custom 403.shtml, won’t the blocked visitor simply get blocked again, since the 403.shtml would also be on my domain? Doesn’t this create an endless loop?

    • Hi MisterNeutron,

      No, this should not create an endless loop due to the configuration for the block directing the visitor to the 403.shtml file. Since this is allowed in the configuration, the customer would only be able to see that specific page. If you notice this creating an endless loop, please do contact our support team by opening a ticket through your backstage panel and we’ll gladly take a look!

      • Ah, yes, I see how it’s configured. Created my custom 403.shtml, and it’s working as advertised. Thanks!

        • Hi MisterNeutron!

          That’s Fantastic! I’m glad to hear that it worked out with no problems!

  • Hi is it possible that because of many login attempts to one of my wordpress sites, my server on site5 blocked my ip?? The site I was trying to log in and the rest of my sites are not loading now, but they are loading with no problem on my phone…any input??

    Thanks in advance!

  • i’m unable to access my web page from only 1 live ip. from other ip’s web page access able

    • Hello Sid,

      It sounds like your IP may be blocked temporarily in our firewall. Please contact our support team via chat, and we can get that working again.

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