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Web Hosting: What is an IP address? Do I need a Dedicated IP?


Every server in the world that has access to the Internet has at least one IP address — to a computer, this is like a phone number. An example of an IP address is

When you sign up for a hosting account, we assign your account a specific IP address on one of our servers. If someone visits a domain name associated with your account, the visitor’s computer will find out the correct IP address to which it should connect.

Usually you’ll share an IP address with many other domain names. You can also purchase a dedicated IP address from us, and that will be yours alone to use.

Whichever the case, the important thing is that you have an IP address assigned to your domain, and that all the right nameservers know what it is. (A nameserver is a server that keeps track of which domain names correspond to which IP addresses.)

How will you know if you need a dedicated IP address? Most websites don’t. The most common reason that a website would need an IP address of its own is if it requires an SSL certificate for secure connections to visitors.

Any business site that processes transactions will definitely need secure connections to work, so a dedicated IP address is a requirement for such sites.

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  • I have a a multisite account. One of my clients would like to move their account to a dedicated ip, as they are selling tutorials videos. How much would it cost to set my client up on a new dedicated ip, with their own cpanel and billing account.

    Thank you very much

    • Hello Sanford,

      I hope this comment finds you well!

      If they have a valid reason for a dedicated IP, you can order one through Backstage. The price for the IP address itself changes depending on the location. You can find the price of the IP address for your location in Backstage.

      For information on how to order an IP address, please see the following link…

      In regards to them having their own account, you would need to create a new account from within MultiAdmin and move their info over to that new account.

      I recommend that you contact our support department, so we can better assess your current situation and provide you with more detailed information on how to proceed.

      You can contact our support department by opening a ticket through Backstage.

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