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Setting up POP3 or IMAP with SSL

POP3 or IMAP configured with SSL Secure email connections using SSL, requires replacing the regular mail server with the server’s hostname.  The hostname should be used for the incoming and outgoing mail server, and you can locate the hostname for your account by using this article. Secure Ports for […]

How to setup an email account in KMail

KMail Setup Guide Follow the steps below to configure KMail. Go to Settings and click Configure KMail. Click Identity and add the name you want to display in emails and full email address. Click Accounts or Network. Under the Receiving tab, press the ADD button and add your incoming email […]

Google Mail Fetcher

Why use a Mail Fetcher versus an Email Forwarder? Forwarded emails tend to cause blacklisting with major email providers, and it will cause your emails to be marked as spam.  Blacklisting also causes your server’s sending reputation to be penalized since it was the last server to send the email. Ultimately, your server […]

SVN/Subversion (SVN) Setup Guide

Creating a New SVN Repository If you have not already done so, this section will show you how to create a fresh SVN repository and how to setup the initial directory structure (trunk/branches/tags). First, create a private folder (outside of public_html or www): cd ~ mkdir svn Create the repository: […]

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