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WordPress: WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache Plugin One way to optimize WordPress is to install WP Super Cache, which can be done from your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins. Suggested Settings Please complete all four (4) steps to use the suggested settings. Step 1. Set General Settings On Advanced tab: Select the radio button for Caching […]

Website Optimization Overview

Optimizing your website software can be a great way to help your website run smoothly and to reduce resource usage. It also helps reduce the amount of load time it takes for your website to appear and in turn, making your website a much more enjoyable place to visit. There […]

phpMyAdmin: Optimize & Repair Tables

From time to time it is a good idea to do a some housekeeping within your applications or websites database. This is because MySQL, like your bedroom when you were a kid – does not clean itself. If you have a large database and have a lot of traffic to […]

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