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Sucuri Malware Protection


As a webhost, it’s our job to keep your websites and emails up and running. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you have and to fix any problems you may have. The internet has evolved, and there are a ton of web applications you can use on your website now. With the increase in popularity of web apps, they’ve become targets of malicious activity.

Web apps can be compromised in any number of ways, such as not being kept up to date, having a bad or outdated plugin or theme, weak or hacked passwords, and many other ways. As your web host, we want your website to stay up and running all the time, and we love nothing more than to assist with that.

However, because malware can infect your website in any number of ways, scanning your website, interpreting the results, and cleaning the files is a very time intensive task. It is done manually, and can take numerous hours to complete. This keeps you waiting for an answer regarding the status of your site and it also increases the time your site is online and potentially insecure.

We’ve partnered with Website Security experts, Sucuri. Their expertise in the website security field is second to none. We offer their Malware scanning and removal service, which includes malware and blacklist removal, for $49.99 per website, per year, with bulk discounts available.

With the malware scanning and removal service enabled, Sucuri will continuously scan your website for any malware, proactively clean it up for you, and then we will send you a report on what was done. That report will also tell you what the cause was, so you know what happened and how it can be fixed going forward. This service is available for any website hosted on our service, and can be enabled at any time.

Note: Due to the availability of this service, our technical support staff will be unable to manually scan your account for malicious files. For further information on how Sucuri operates within your website, click here for more information.

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If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.


  • Please let us know if you have any questions too,
    Thanks, Ben

    • Does this take the place of Askimet?

      • No. Akismet is an anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Sucuri scans your account files for malicious code.

  • if i add more domains and ask to install the maleware, how the billing will go?

    • Hello Eyal,

      You have a few options with that. You could simply add the malware scan service to each domain individually, with the full price for each, or you can look at our bulk prices, as detailed on the order form:

      Up to 5 sites – $179.99 per year
      Up to 10 sites – $279.99 per year

      And so on. This is probably your better option, provided you have an idea of how many sites you will be adding.

  • Will this application notify me of changes to files on my FTP? We’re currently infected and I have found over 90 backdoors into our wordpress software. We practice pretty high WP security standards as laid out by your WP Security posts, but once infected it’s been impossible to remove the malware. What kind of support would Site5/Sucuri provide if for some reason their software does not find/remove all of the backdoors?

    I look forward to a response.

    • Hi Shawn,

      If any malicious files are uploaded to your account, these would be found by the malware scan. It would not matter how they are added to your account because the scan checks all of the files on your site.

      As you know, no malware/virus scan is 100% perfect but if some malicious files are not picked up by the scan, these get reported to Sucuri and they then update their system to ensure these types of files are caught in the future.

      As for protection from backdoors, we are not developers and unfortunately are not pros are finding every possible way to access a site and I’m sure you are aware that there can be an extremely high amount of ways of gaining access to a site’s files. If a backdoor is missed during the scan, just as the malicious files, these get reported to Sucuri so that they can be added to the database and caught on any future scans.

      I hope this helps!

  • Sorry I posted the other one with the wrong email address, please respond to this one. THANKS

    So your service includes all of the following services like at suciri?

    Malware Cleanup (No page limit)
    Website Integrity Monitoring
    Email & Twitter Alerting
    Manual Website Scanning
    Blacklist Removal

    • Hi Evan,

      No, our service does not include all of the things you have listed such as Twitter alerting. Our service includes the website scanning and malware cleanup as well as the integrity monitoring.

      Also, something that is not included in this service but, we do take care of any blacklisting that may happen on our servers so, in the event that your server becomes blacklisted, we reach out and contact the blacklisting services to ensure the block is removed.

  • Before switching my business to Site5 I spoke with someone in your sales department who told me that yes when I purchase the Sucuri package it DOES come with everything listed in the lower tier here:

    I switched my business to Site5 because of this, but it seems as thought I do NOT have any access to the Sucuri dashboard and it do NOT get the features I was told I get by your sales department. You need to get your story straight!!!!

    We switched to Site5 because we need File Change Monitoring for ALL files on our FTP server. Do we or do we not get this?

    • Hi Shawn,

      We do apologize, this was 100% our fault. We had a miscommunication on our end and as a result the incorrect information was given to you. We are very sorry for this, and as mentioned in your ticket on the same matter, we would like to offer you a full refund for the service due to the error on our part.

  • *****If a backdoor is missed during the scan, just as the malicious files, these get reported to Sucuri so that they can be added to the database and caught on any future scans.****

    this statement is made 2 times in these comments…

    if the scan misses the backdoor or malicious file……how the hell could “these get reported to securi” ???? so they can add to the database for future scans.

    seems like if it misses a bad file…it wouldnt know it was there…so couldnt report it …IMo…or have I missed something here?

    • Hi Steve,

      That means if a scan misses something that we manually catch, we report it to Sucuri for future scans.

  • We have a number of domains and sub-domains sites. Do you calculate the total of domains or subdomains + actual domains as a site? In the link ( ) it lists subdomains as well. Please clarify.

    • Each domain and subdomain would be considered an individual site. The only way to cover more than one domain would be with a parked domain, as that loads the same content as the primary.

  • Is this service through you guaranteed to find the malware and/or someone to remove it? I have tried 5 different malware scanner plugins and so far and none of them are finding it. I would hate to sign up for this and then have it not find the malware like the others. The plugins I have been using were free. I assume if I am paying for it then it’s probably a better scanner?

    • Hello Christina,

      It is extremely thorough, and it is very likely to find any malware, yes. I cannot guarantee it, however, because malware is constantly changing, and there is a chance that the scanner will not be able to find the absolute latest exploits, simply because they are not yet known. This is a very small chance, however, and the vast majority of things will be found and cleaned.

  • Does this service hook into the Securi WordPress plugin? That is, does it unlock any new features?

    • Hi Kyle!

      Great question! At this time, no, this protection does not tie into the Sucuri WordPress plugin so, no new features will be unlocked by using both. However, this is something we will look into for the future! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Does the Sucuri Malware Protection service provide feedback on how to resolve bad code on my website? So, if it finds malware, will they help me to plug-up/fix any holes/problems with the coding of my websites?

    • Hi Romeo!

      Yes, our staff would be glad to help provide suggestions to help secure your site to prevent any further compromises!

  • We’re thinking about adding this service for a couple of our domains. I have a couple of questions first.

    Can I ask how frequently site files are scanned?

    Is the malware removal automated or manual? Simply deleting files matching a malware signature isn’t appropriate. Scans often involve heuristic rules which can return false positives. Also, malware can be embedded within necessary files whose removal would break the site.

    Can you clarify the whether sites with subdomains are charged as a single domain, or is the charge per subdomain (even if all subdomains are hosted within a single account’s directory tree).

    • Hi Colin!

      Great questions! All sites are scanned every 6 hours and then the malware removal would be manual so that files aren’t just wiped off of your account due to the false positive potential like you mentioned. Regarding the domains, yes, a subdomain would count as 1 site, so, if you have your main site, and a subdomain that you would like protected, you would need to purchase an individual plan for each of those.

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