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WordPress: How To Increase Max Upload Limit


WordPress is a very powerful application that allows us to configure out site many different ways. You may sometimes run into issues when trying to upload files (namely themes) through the WordPress administration page. Below we have outlined the steps needed to increase the upload limit.

Note: This article assumes that you are using at-least version 3.4.2. We cannot guarantee that this will work on version previous to 3.4.2. It is recommended that you upgrade to the most current version of WordPress for both compliance with this article, and security reasons.

Non-Multisite/Network Setups

If you are not using WordPress MultiSite, you can simply change your .user.ini file to allow for greater file-sizes to be uploaded.

For more information on how to do this, please see the following link…

How to increase the max upload size in PHP

Multisite/Network Setups

If you are using Multisite, you will need to do two things.

1) Create a custom .user.ini file and increase the max upload limit set by php. For more information about this, please see the following link…

How to increase the max upload size in PHP

2) You will also need to edit the wp_sitemeta table inside the MySQL database. You are looking for the fileupload_maxk row. You will need to change this to something higher than it is. Normally 5000 will cover most uploads.

For more information on how to use phpMyAdmin to make these changes, please see the following link.

phpMyAdmin Overview

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  • Sir, for a client portal website, have bought a Cloud VPS but editing php.ini file gives server error & .htaccess file is also not working, the default max_uplaod _file limit is 50M in cpanel but in wordpress it is 8M i need it to be atleast 16M, Please help. Thanks.

    • Hello Mohit,

      I hope this reply finds you well!

      I am sorry to hear about the issues with your upload limit. Because you have already tried modifying the php.ini file, I recommend that you contact our support department so that we can better troubleshoot the issue.

      You can contact our support team by opening a ticket through Backstage. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve this issue.

  • Thanks,
    I can edit max_upload _file at vps nginx install.

    • This is possible, yes, but you would need an Unmanaged VPS to have that option with us.

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