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Magento: How to add and edit polls


This tutorial will show you how to add and edit polls in Magento Commerce, and assumes you’re already logged in to Magento

1) Go to CMS… then Poll Manager

This is where you can see all the polls you have created

2) You can edit a poll by clicking on it

On this page, you can edit the question and the poll’s status

3) Go to Poll Answers

This is where you can edit the poll answers

4) Click this button to add a new answer

5) Enter an answer title

6) Click Save Poll

The poll was successfully saved

7) To add a poll, scroll right

8) Click Add New Poll

9) Enter the poll question

10) Choose the poll status

11) Go to Poll Answers

12) Click Add New Answer

13) Enter an answer

14) Click to add another answer

15) Type in another answer

16) Add a third answer

17) Continue in this fashion until you have the amount of desired answers

18) Click Save Poll when you are done

The new poll has been saved

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to add and edit polls in Magento Commerce

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  • hello , i open new online stor market and i install to my website magento commerce but i dont know about this anything i need some help,please if someone can help me online its be nice thanks for all

    • Hello,

      I recommend that you check out the great community over on the official Magento website if you have any Magento based questions. You can find it at the link below…

      You can also view some of the Magento articles here, but it appears you have already found them. We will be adding more towards the end of the week, so keep you eye on the following link.

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