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Server Specifications

We have several types of hosting, and the hardware specifications for your server will depend on which type of hosting you have. Our specifications for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Fully Managed VPS are listed below. Web Hosting Dual Xeon E5-2630 64GB RAM 2TB HDD RAID 10 1Gbps Uplink Reseller Hosting […]

How to View Credits

There are two methods to view any credits listed on your account: The first method is to view the amount of credit on the account: Login to your customer portal at In the top menu, look for ‘Notifications’, here you will see a number within the parentheses for the […]

Managing Site5 Sub-Accounts

All Site5 billing accounts may create sub-accounts to allow limited access to your billing account or to manage your Site5 services. This article will cover the following topics: Create a New Sub-Account Change a Sub-Account Password Edit a Sub-Account Delete a Sub-Account Create a New Sub-Account To create a new […]

Preview a Site Without Pointing a Domain

It is possible to preview your website without pointing your domain to your server by forcing your computer to load from your Site5 server instead of using the current DNS configuration of your domain. To do this, you’ll need to know your server’s IP address and then edit your computer’s […]

Backstage: Active Services

In this area of Backstage, you can find a very brief overview of your service, including domain, plan, renewal date, and any upgrades, as well as links to cancel a service, update your payment details, and view past invoices.

Backstage: List Users

In list users you will simply see a list of users on your account. If you have any additional users on your account, you can edit their privileges or delete their account entirely.

How to Find your Server IP

In this article, we will show you how to locate the server IP for your account. The IP address is a very useful set of numbers as it can be used for so many purposes, such as pointing A records to your server,  connecting with FTP,  SSL, and even email! Determine […]

Editing your own Hosts File prior to nameserver propagation

DNS propogation can take up to 24-48 hours. Until it is complete, you may not be able to put your domain name into your browser or SCP/FTP client and have it find the new server properly. To bypass DNS, you can edit the local “hosts” file on your computer. The […]

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