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Commonly Used Ports


Below we have listed some of the most common ports used in the web hosting world.

HTTP – Port 80

HTTPS – Port 443

FTP – Port 21

FTPS / SSH – Port 22

POP3 – Port 110

POP3 SSL – Port 995

IMAP – Port 143

IMAP SSL – Port 993

SMTP – Port 25 (Alternates: Port 26 / Port 2525)

SMTP SSL – Port 587

MySQL – Port 3306

CPanel – Port 2082

CPanel SSL – Port 2083

WHM (Webhost Manager) – Port 2086

WHM (Webhost Manager) SSL – Port 2087

Webmail – Port 2095

Webmail SSL – Port 2096

WebDAV/WebDisk – Port 2077

WebDAV/WebDisk SSL – Port 2078

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  • How to login to cpanel?

    I use account from web developer:
    User: *********
    Pass: *********

    Link: (ip this web from is site5)

    Result: login succes but undefined (can’t enter cpanel)


    • Hello Ahmad,

      I have edited your comment to remove sensitive information. I tested the credentials you provided, and they are not correct. If you need the login information sent to you, please contact our support team. Provided you can verify ownership of the account, we can send you the correct login information.

    • Hola…

      Quiero montar un radio online, en la siguiente direccion web

      Tengo un software que me ayuda a la funcion de la radio online pero me pide:

      1). Server IP
      2). Server Port
      3). Password

      • Hello William,

        That would all depend on several factors. I would recommend contacting our support team with this, and we would be happy to look into this for you, and get you that information.

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