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Email: How to Access Webmail


Before the advent of web enabled smart phones, webmail was previously the easiest way to to send/receive emails while you are away from your regular email program. Webmail is still a highly useful tool that can be accessed from anywheres in the world.

The general method to check your email address remains the same between SiteAdmin as well as cPanel.

1) Open a web browser (Like Firefox,Safari,Chrome)

2) Enter your domain followed by “/webmail“. It should look something like this You should replace “” with your domain.

3) Login to the email account you wish to check. Remember, for the username you want to use the full email address.

4) Upon logging in you will be greeted with the choice of three different webmail programs. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



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  • Good afternoon,

    I can not go into webmail to check mail

    1. Do not aucerdo password for this email.
    2. I apply for accreditation and will not know what is. The same one with which I agree to Or that of [my email address] which do not remember your password?

    Thank you

    • Hello Isaura,

      First, I have removed your email address from your post, as having it posted publicly can lead to spam.

      Secondly, you would need to use the password for the email address itself, which is not one that we would send you. If you do not remember this, you can reset it in SiteAdmin, using the guide at

  • Site5 hosts 2 domains for us.
    When I add /webmail to the address I am taken here
    unable to login in

    when I add /webmail to I am taken here
    here I can access email.

    why would I get 2 different interface choices from the same host?
    is there a default that has been changed?

    • Hi Rick!

      Since those sites are on the same server, they should be responding the same ways. Nothing has changed on your server at this time. Since this is an odd issue, please open a support ticket through your Backstage panel and our team will find out what’s going on! Thanks!

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