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Domains: Add a Parked Domain


A Parked domain is a domain name that leads to the same website as another domain name. The domain is, in essence, parked on top of the other domain.

For example, suppose we have a domain name If we park on top of the .com domain, a visitor to our site will be able to access the site from either the .com or the .org address. The visitor won’t notice any difference in the website at all no matter which one she chooses.


Create a Parked Domain in SiteAdmin

This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to SiteAdmin

Now let’s setup a new Parked Domain.

1) Click the Domains option from the left menu, then click Parked Domains.

2) Enter the domain you wish to park in the Create a New Parked Domain section, then click Create

That’s it! You will want to ensure that the domain A-Record (main IP address) or name servers are pointed to your hosting account with us. You can find the IP address for your Site5 server by going to the resource usage page in SiteAdmin. If you wish to point the domain to our name servers, you can use the following if you are a SiteAdmin user.

Name Servers


Create a Parked Domain in cPanel

This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to cPanel

Now let’s learn how to park a domain

1) Click the Parked Domains icon

2) Enter the new domain you want to park here, then click Add Domain

That’s it! Now when someone browses to, they’ll automatically be redirected to

Be sure to set your parked domain name’s DNS settings to the same as your main domain or the redirection will not work

From here you can see a list of parked domains, and you can manage or delete these parked domains from here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to park another domain name on your account from cPanel

Still have a question? Or need help?
If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.


  • Why can’t we see in our WHM a list of all the parked domains of our accounts?

    By Google searching this feature, I’ve got many references of other hosters explaining how to view parked domains in WHM. The “List Parked Domains” selection in other hosters appears between the “List Accounts” and the “List Subdomains” selections. A very simple thing.

    Can you please enable it? It will only make our administration life so much easier.

    Thank you
    Stavros Zacharias

    • Hello Stavros,

      That should be enabled, and I am not seeing an option to disable it for an account. Can you open a ticket with our support team on this? We’d be happy to take a look for you.

  • Thank you James,

    Support (level 2) has verified that the feature for the parked domains list function (along with the “Park” function) is disabled in the feature list in WHM.
    My ticket has been forwarded to support (level 3) to look into it and either enable it or give a reason for not. I will post their response when I get it.

    • Update:

      The Support (level 3) has enabled the “List Parked Domains” feature in WHM just for me. They report that it is not a standard feature offered to the Reseller customers.

      I suggested that it should had been a standard feature since it does not really give any additional ability to a reseller. It only facilitates and speeds up what otherwise is already available to a reseller in a more cumbersome way.

      • Hello Stavros,

        Thank you for the updates! I am glad this is working for you now.

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