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GoDaddy: How to Change your DNS Nameservers


Below you will find the steps needed to change the DNS Nameservers for domains registered with GoDaddy.

  • 1) Login to your GoDaddy Account Manager
  • 2) In the domain section, click Launch
  • 3) Select the domain you wish to change the nameservers
  • 4) Located in the nameservers menu, click Manage
  • 5) Select Custom from the setup type.
  • 6) Click Add Nameservers
  • 7) Add the nameservers you wish to use.
  • 8) Click Save

The Site5 Nameservers can be found here.

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  • Hi there,

    My client has purchased his domain with GoDaddy and also has email set up with them. I have build his website and it’s hosted with my Site5 account.
    I changed the DNS settings with his GoDaddy account earlier today to point to and the website now works great however his emails have stopped working.

    Can you help?



    • Hi Chris,

      Should mail be hosted on our servers as well, or remain with GoDaddy? If it should be coming through us, you may want to confirm that the mail servers you are using in your mail client are correct. These should be set to:

      Replacing ‘’ with the actual domain name, of course. You can read more about this at

      • I have a client in the same situation, and she wants to keep her email with GoDaddy. How should I handle this so there is no disruption?

        • Hi Janet,

          To keep mail with GoDaddy, and to avoid interruption, the following steps should be taken:

          1 – create the hosting account on our end
          2 – contact our support team to set the MX records within our DNS system to point mail back to GoDaddy
          3 – when this MX change has had time to propagate to our nameservers (usually within a few minutes, but give it an hour or two to be safe), change the nameservers on your domain, pointing traffic to our servers.

  • I have a domain with GoDaddy and I have pointed to the nameservers here. I am using an unmanaged VPS running a website, with a hostname of It is still not connecting. Is there something else that needs to be done?

    • Hi Correy,

      There is a little more involved with an unmanaged VPS, yes. You will need to configure your nameservers on the server itself. If you went with Cpanel on your unmanaged VPS you can do this in the WHM, using the Nameserver Configuration menu on the left.

  • I followed these instructions, but my settings were already the following that was contained within my Site5 email so I took no action:

    Today my site was migrated and I lost 2 days worth of posts to my phpBB forum, new members, etc. My admin panel is also broken. When I submitted a support ticket, I was told that I didn’t take appropriate action prior to the migration, that I didn’t follow the instructions in the email.

    Please advise what I did wrong to cause this issue.

    • Hello Eric,

      It would depend on when your nameservers had been changed, or where your site was migrated to. Was this a migration across our servers, or from another host to us? Either way, the data should be recoverable via backup.

      • I’ve been with Site5 for years. Nameservers haven’t been changed in years and the migration was across your servers. Most of the data ended up being recoverable via backup, but there were many issues (DB, file and folder permissions, etc.) and it took a concerted effort over the course of 3 days to get my site working properly again.

        • Hi Eric,

          I am sorry to hear of the troubles, though I am glad to hear that it is working normally now.

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