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Disaster Recovery: Sydney, Australia

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This location receives power at 4 x 2MVA transformer diverse feed and maintains redundant A+B distributed supplies. The UPS (uninterruptible power supply) configuration at this facility is N+1 or N+N with reserves of 15 minutes. This location also maintains on-site diesel generators with 24 hours fuel capacity on-site and 24×365 fuel delivery callout.


This location has Analogue Addressable Fire Detection System in all Areas. For smoke detection they have VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) in technical space and plant area as well as a FM200 Gas System. Fire extinguishers are available throughout with CO2 Extinguishers on the Technical Floors.

Natural Disasters

Australia is fairly geologically stable, and Sydney is relatively protected from most natural disasters save flooding. The data center is not located on a floodplain and is built to industry guidelines with regards to flood protection. While many of their specific disaster recovery scenarios are privately held, their SLAs are underpinned by Dell support agreements with respect to hardware replacement allowing them to respond quickly to a variety of difficult disaster scenarios.

Estimated Restore Times For Full Data Loss

Because each server (even at the same location) can vary in disk usage, it’s unfortunately not possible to give exact estimates on how long a full restore will take. From experience however, we have found that most servers can be restored within 8 to 16 hours.

For information regarding restoring VPS services, please click here.

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