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VPS and Cloud Disaster Recovery

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In this article, we will discuss our VPS and Cloud restoration process and estimated times needed.


In the event that data is lost or corrupted on a VPS, we have the ability to restore your data from our backups (if you have opted-in to the Remote Backup Solution). The time this process will take, depends on the size of your VPS, and the amount of disk space you are using. Listed below is a basic estimate on the amount of time it would take to restore each level of our VPS product line.

  • VPS1: ~0.75 hours
  • VPS2: ~1 hours
  • VPS3: ~1.5 hours
  • VPS4: ~2 hours
  • VPS5: ~3 hours
  • VPS6: ~4 hours
  • VPS7: ~6 hours
  • VPS8: ~8 hours
  • VPS9: ~12 hours
  • VPS10: ~16 hours
  • VPS11: ~20 hours

In the event that the entire NODE (the actual server VPSes are hosted on) had a data loss situation (this is very rare), we would take the following steps to restore the node and all of the VPSes.

  • 1) Re-provision the NODE
  • 2) Recreate each VPS
  • 3) Queue each VPS to be restored from backups.

Because VPSes can only be restored one at a time, it is almost impossible to determine how long it would take to restore the full node. It also depends on how many VPSes are on the node and how many of them have opted-in to our remote backups solution.

During this process, once your VPS has finished being restored, it will automatically be booted up and become available for regular use. This will happen even if other servers are still being restored on the NODE.


Because of the way our cloud system works and because of the inherent redundancy of our cloud setup, it is very rare that there would be a situation where a full system restore would be needed.

However, in the rare cases it is, we have estimated that the restore process would take (on average) around ~8 to ~16 hours.

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