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DNS: How to Configure Subdomains for Google Apps

If you are wishing to learn how to point a sub-domain to Google to have it utilize their services, please see the guides below. SiteAdmin: Configure sub-domain for Google Apps cPanel: Configure sub-domain for Google Apps   Configuring subdomains for Google Apps in SiteAdmin In this article, we will show […]

Web Hosting: What is a parked domain? How about a sub or add on domain?

In this article, we will cover each type of domain that can be added in SiteAdmin or cPanel. Primary Domains Your primary domain is the main domain name on the account. It’s the domain you use when you first order your hosting service and normally is the domain most people […]

Domains: How to Host a Domain Outside of the public_html Directory

In this article, we will show you how to host your domain outside of the public_html directory. There are two methods you can use: 1. You can change the website path for the addon/subdomain to point to a directory outside of the public_html folder. With this option, it can take […]

Domains: Setup A Subdomain

Sub domains function separately from your main domain. They use your main domain name and a prefix. For example, to host blog on, you may wish to create a subdomain. Note: Subdomain document roots are relative to your account’s home directory SiteAdmin: Create a sub-domain cPanel: Create a sub-domain   Creating a […]

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