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Installing Gems Using Bundler

This article assumes that you already have a basic understanding of Rails and how to use a terminal. Bundler manages all gems in a file called “Gemfile” in the root directory of your application (~/yourapp/Gemfile). If you ever want to install more gems for your application, this is the file […]

Ruby: Run a PHP application from within a Rails sub-folder

In certain situations, you may want to run a PHP application (like WordPress) from within a sub-folder that has a rails application installed above it. This can be accomplished by using a htaccess file in the sub-folder where the PHP application is to be installed. These instructions require SSH access, so we’re assuming a basic […]

SiteAdmin: Ruby on Rails Info Page

So you have a Ruby on Rails (RoR) application and you wish to know what version of the RoR service we are running on our shared hosting servers? You can easily access this information right from within your SiteAdmin panel. This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to SiteAdmin 1) Click the Programming Center button from the […]

Ruby: How to setup a custom RubyGems environment

Why you need a custom RubyGems environment If you want to add a RubyGem on your account, you will need to install it within your account. We don’t provide a global set of gems for Ruby 1.9.3 onwards, as the Ruby community standard is to manage gems locally, giving the […]

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