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Security Overview

In the series of articles at the links below, we will be talking about the dos and don’ts of security on the internet. In this day and age, almost everything we do is linked to the internet in some form or another. While this is great for convenience and communication, […]

Security: Why You Should Use A Strong Password

Passwords, we all use them; they are a part of our everyday life. Passwords are one of the most private pieces of information that we have. Unfortunately, there is and always will be people out there with bad intentions. These people are always on the lookout for people with weak […]

How To Reset Passwords For Popular Scripts

Below we have listed ways to reset passwords for some of the most common web scripts. For information on how to create a secure password, please click here. PHPMotion: You will need to use PHPMyAdmin to fix this problem. PHPmyAdmin can be accessed through SiteAdmin or Cpanel depending on the hosting […]

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