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SiteAdmin: How to Restore Backups

At Site5, we automatically take backups of your account files and databases nightly. These backups are then kept on file for 7 days for recovery if they are ever needed. Your SiteAdmin panel contains tools that make it easy to restore your site in just a few simple clicks! All […]

phpMyAdmin: How to Backup Large Databases

In this article, we will talk about how to backup large MySQL databases. If you simply want to export a copy of your small database and do not want to use PHPMyAdmin, you can do so using a few click method from within the backup functionality in SiteAdmin or cPanel. Let’s […]

How to create and manage backups

When major developments are slated for your website its encouraged for you to make a backup of the website before hand. Doing so will give you the ability to quickly restore your website to working status in the event that something goes wrong during the development. Aside from the backup feature in […]

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