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Resource Points: Hardware Resources

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There are a finite number of hardware resources that a server has available. Since you are sharing those resources with other customers, we have to place a limit to ensure every customer is given their fair share and that no single customer is allowed to crash the server and cause downtime or other problems.

For example, customer 1 and 2 might use very little Resource Points but customer 3 bursts during the week to use a lot. And because those resources are shared that works out for all three customers.Customer 3 is getting a great deal because he is using more resources than he paid for, but at some point we do have to limit him to ensure that customers 1 and 2 have access to the resources they need. This shared pool of resources is something we closely manage, and the Resource Point limits we do enforce protect any one customer from using more than their fair share.

Now of course diskspace has a finite limit, but that is something we don’t have to limit because with the technology advances of hard drives over the last five years their capacity has grown tremendously. Additionally, our plans only allow disk space to be used for website files and not general storage. Bandwidth is similar as it isn’t a limitation given the advances of the last five years


For more information regarding the resource point system, please click here.

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