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Getting Started: Security

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In this article, we will talk about basic security precautions that you may want to take to help ensure that your content and information stays secure.

We have a very detailed set of articles regarding security that covers more than just the basics. That article can be found by clicking here.


It is highly recommended that you use secure, strong passwords. Never use words, birthdays, or other easily to crack/guess passwords. Your password should be random characters that include UPPERCASE, lowercase numb3rs and $ymbols. Your password should also be at least 10 characters long and it is recommended that you not use the same password twice. It is also recommended that you rotate your passwords or change them every few months.


While rare, it is possible that you may see an email that links to a site requesting login information. You should NEVER trust links sent via email and you should always retype the URL of the site you are attempting to login to yourself.

Security Questions / Passphrases

For information regarding how to create secure security questions / passphrases, please click here.

This concludes our basic security article. It is highly recommended that you read our full series of articles about security so that you can better protect yourself against cyber assailants/attacks.

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