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Getting Started: Keeping Track

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Congratulations! At this point your website should be online and working.

Now the question is, what to do next…

Well in most situations this changes from site to site depending on the type of content you are providing. An easy way to figure out where to go from here is to monitor traffic to find out what pages are most visited on your website. From here, you can figure out the type of content that drives people to your website and build on that.

Our services come with several easy to use statistics tools that will help you in this venture. There are also some free and paid tools out there that make it even easier.


AWStats comes preconfigured on all of our services and offers you a basic way to monitor page visits, bandwidth usage, and much more. For information on how to use AWStats, please see one of the following two links…

Latest Visitors

The latest visitors section allows you to see the most recent visitors, their browser type, and the pages they last visited. While this does not offer a long term tracking solution, it can be helpful to see where your most recent traffic has been going. For information on how to access the latest visitors section of your control panel, please see one of the following two links…

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tracking systems out there and can be setup for free. For our comparison article on the differences between Google Analytics and AWStats, please click here. For information on how to setup Google Analytics, click here.

Raw Access Logs
If you are more of a raw access log kind of person, you are speaking our language! We love to geek out over stats, and the best way to do this is by manually reviewing your access logs.

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