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cPanel FormMail Support

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Due to being severely outdated and highly insecure at this point in time, we have decided to remove cPanel FormMail CGI scripts from our servers. While cPanel formmail will no longer be available, there are many alternatives which provide the same functionality while being more secure, whether that is within existing platforms such as WordPress or by using third party applications.

We wanted to provide you with an example alternative that would work on our servers with no problems at all. Following the steps below will have your FormMail script configured and ready for use.

  • Download the FormMail template script from Matt’s Script Archive
  • Unpack the archive and ensure the script is placed in your public_html/cgi-bin/ folder.
  • There is now just one line you would need to alter:
    • @referers = (‘’,’YOUR_IP’); – replace these fields with your specific site/domain information
  • Change the permissions on your script to 755 and that’s it! Your script is ready for use!

Note: If you find that your script is not executing properly, please attempt renaming the file to FormMail.cgi, this may provide better results

The FormMail template script is highly customizable and the steps we’ve provided above give you the most basic setup. If you wished to customize your FormMail script further, you can view further examples and instructions here.

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If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.

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