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Domain FAQ

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Q.  How do I renew my domains?

A.  Login to your backstage and click My Invoices under the My Account dropdown menu. The next step required you to click the red UNPAID icon next to the domain renewal invoice.  Once the invoice loads, click Pay Now located on the upper right-hand corner, and follow the remaining prompts to complete the domain renewal process.  If an invoice has not been generated for your domain renewal, please contact us via Live Chat.

Q.  What happens if I don’t renew my domains?

A.  There are several steps after your domain expires to safeguard you from losing any domains you want to keep.

  1. Approximately 60 days prior to the domain expiration date, we begin sending reminders to you by email to the email address you listed with us. You will receive up to five reminders prior to the expiration date.
  2. If we are unable to secure payment on or before the domain renewal date, your domain name will expire.
  3. As early as one day after expiration, your domain name will be deactivated and replaced with a parking page indicating the domain name has expired, and other services you have associated with the domain name may no longer function.
  4. As early as 40 days(30 days for Enom domains) after expiration, your domain name may be purchased by a third party. If a third party purchases the domain name during this time, the domain name will not be available for you to renew.
  5. If the domain name has not been renewed by you or purchased by a third party, an expired domain name enters the registry redemption period (as defined by each registry) approximately 40 days(30 days for Enom Domains) following expiration. If a third party purchases the domain name prior to the registry redemption period, the domain name will not enter redemption and will not be available for you to renew. We reserve the right to charge you a redemption fee of $80 (in additional to the renewal fee) in the event you are able to renew your domain name during this period.
  6. If the domain name completes the registry redemption period, the registry may hold the domain name for a period of five days before releasing it again for general registration.


Q.  My domain is in Redemption.  What does that mean?

A.  Once a domain goes into the redemption period it can be obtained by other parties. You may still be able to redeem the domain for up to 30-days(up to 30-60 days for Enom Domains)by logging into your backstage and filling out a ticket in our support system. The fee for reactivating a domain in the Redemption Period is $80 + the normal renewal fee. At the end of the Redemption Period the domain(s) will go into a 5-day delete cycle at the end of which they will become available for anyone to register.


Q.  There are errors in my account info.  What do I do?

A.  Login to your backstage.  Click on the drop down menu labeled My Account, click on Edit Account Details, and update any incorrect fields in your account information.


Q.  What does auto renew mean?  How do I change it?

A.  As a security precaution all new registrations are set to auto-renew unless otherwise specified by the customer via Live Chat. This prevents domain names from accidentally expiring and you from losing control of your web site, e-mail services that you may have with that domain


Q.  My auto renew failed.  What do I do?

A.  Most likely your auto-renewal failed because the credit card information is no longer valid. To resolve this problem you will need to update your credit card information. You may need to contact us via Live Chat to renew your domain if it is already expired.


Q.  My credit card is invalid.  How do I update it?

A.  Login to your backstage and click My Invoices under the My Account dropdown menu. The next step requires you to click the red Unpaid icon next to the invoice in question.  Once in the invoice, click Pay Now located on the upper right-hand corner.  Under Pay by Credit Card, select the radio button labeled Enter New Card Information Below.  Enter your new credit card information in the text fields provided and click SUBMIT PAYMENT.


Q.  I am getting renewal notices for my domains at different email addresses.

A.  This issue is probably because the email addresses on the contacts for each domain are different. To consolidate all of your renewal notices to arrive at one email be sure that your contact information is consistent for each domain. Login to your backstage, and click My Domains under the Domains dropdown menu. The next step requires you to click the drop-down menu, next to the wrench icon, on the affected domain and click on Edit Contact Information. Update all the affected emails and click Save Changes.

Please note if you change your first name, last name, organization name, or email address, ICANN policies require us to treat this as a change to the domain owner and take certain precautions to make sure the change is not unauthorized or fraudulent. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Both the previous and new owners receive an email asking them to confirm the change. Be aware that even if the email address is the same for the previous and new owners, you may receive two separate emails at that email address requesting confirmation, and both need to be confirmed in order for the change to process.
  2. Once the changes are confirmed by both the previous and new owners, the domain is placed in a 60-day lock preventing transfers to other registrars unless the previous owner opted out of this lock at the time they confirm the change.

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If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.

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