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Data Center FAQ: Miami, FL, US

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Q: Which laws and standards does the data center adhere to?

A: Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Safe Harbor.

Q: Does the data center have a formal information security charter, policies, standards, and/or guidelines?

A: Yes, and it is reviewed periodically.

Q: What types of measures are taken to ensure a secure, trusted workforce?

A: Background checks are conducted on all employees, consultants, temporary workers, and external providers. Employees are also required to sign non­disclosure agreements, roles and responsibilities are all defined, and we provide ongoing information security and privacy awareness education for all new and existing employees. Disciplinary/termination processes and procedures also exist.

Q: Is the data center capable of quickly applying software patches for new security vulnerabilities?

A: Yes, using yum and Puppet.

 Q: Are information security standards such as CIS, NIST, and/or DoD STIG to harden every component of your IT infrastructure (operating systems, servers, firewalls, routers, hypervisors, etc)?

A: Yes.

 Q: Are formal policies and procedures in place for provisioning/terminating the data center employee user accounts, role­based access, password strength, and user access/permissions?

A: Yes, passwords are randomly generated and assigned to new staff. Users are required to change their passwords periodically, cannot reuse past passwords, and much be significantly different from the previous password.

 Q: Is regular internal and external penetration testing, and vulnerability scanning on all external/internal applications conducted?

A: Yes.

 Q: Does the data center use industry standards like ISO, OWASP, NIST, CMMI, and/or BSIMM to build in security for your Systems/Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)?

A: Yes, it uses OWASP.

 Q: Does the data center have formal Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans that are regularly reviewed and tested?

A: Yes.

 Q: Are physical security perimeters around the data center’s data centers (fences, walls, barriers, guards, gates, electronic surveillance, physical authentication mechanisms, reception desks and security patrols) implemented?

A: Yes, including doors with electronic locks, biometric locks, security cameras, man traps, etc. at all facilities.

Q: Are physical protections against damage from natural causes, disasters, and deliberate attacks anticipated, designed and have countermeasures applied such as fire detection/protection systems, UPS, backup generators, etc?

A: Yes, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup generators, and a fire detection & suppression system.

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