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Site5 Hosting Price Chart

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This article contains charts that display the prices of our hosting plans, including discounted monthly cost for longer billing cycles. Scroll down for more information, or click the links below to jump to the relevant section:

Hosting Prices

Shared Hosting Pricing

hostBasic  hostPro  hostPro + Turbo
1 Month Price: Not Available $10.95 ($10.95/mo) $13.95 ($13.95/mo)
12 Month Price: $71.40 ($5.95/mo)  $119.40 ($9.95/mo) $155.40 ($12.95/mo)
24 Month Price: $118.80 ($4.95/mo)  $214.80 ($8.95/mo) $286.80 ($11.95/mo)

Reseller Hosting Pricing

Starter  Standard  Premier
1 Month Price: $23.95 ($23.95/mo) $33.95 ($33.95/mo) $49.95 ($49.95/mo)
3 Month Price: $71.85 ($23.95/mo)  $101.85 ($33.95/mo) $149.85 ($49.95/mo)
12 Month Price: $287.40 ($23.95/mo)  $407.40 ($33.95/mo) $599.40 ($49.95/mo)

VPS Hosting Pricing

Plan: 1 Month Price:  12 Month Price:
VPS2 $65.00 ($65.00/mo) $702.00 ($58.50/mo – Save 10%)
VPS3 $90.00 ($90.00/mo) $972.00 ($81.00/mo – Save 10%)
VPS4 $115.00 ($115.00/mo) $1,242.00 ($103.50/mo – Save 10%)
VPS5 $160.00 ($23.95/mo) $1,728.00 ($144.00/mo – Save 10%)
VPS6 $180.00 ($23.95/mo) $1,944.00 ($162.00/mo – Save 10%)
VPS7 $260.00 ($23.95/mo) $2,808.00 ($234.00/mo – Save 10%)
VPS8 $335.00 ($23.95/mo) $3,618.00 ($301.50/mo – Save 10%)
VPS9 $435.00 ($23.95/mo) $4,698.00 ($391.50/mo – Save 10%)
VPS10 $570.00 ($23.95/mo) $6,156.00 ($513.00/mo – Save 10%)
VPS11 $710.00 ($23.95/mo) $7,668.00 ($639.00/mo – Save 10%)

Note: Additional IP addresses may be purchased for VPS plans for $3 per month per IP address. Please submit a ticket to request additional IP addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my hosting cost more than the listing on this page?

A: Some legacy accounts are hosted on servers that charge a premium for the server location. Though we no longer offer this service, the premium server location cost is still applied. If you wish to reduce your hosting costs to those outlined above you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a new hosting package.
  2. Request to have your content migrated.
  3. Wait for your migration to complete, then point your DNS to your new package.
  4. Wait for your DNS to propagate, then cancel your previous package.

Still have a question? Or need help?
If you need technical support with your account, please email us or chat live with a representative.

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