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WHM: How to search for accounts

If you watched the previous tutorial, you should have seen the advanced account search tool in WHM. This tool is accessible on the List Accounts page as well as on its own page. 1) Start by navigating to Account Information. 2) Then, click Search Accounts. This search form is exactly […]

WHM: View a list of the accounts

WHM provides you with a tool to list all accounts on your server. If you’ve watched some of the previous tutorials in this series, you’ve probably seen the tool already. 1) Locate the Account Information¬†menu. 2) Click List Accounts. 3) Here is the Accounts List. Let’s view this in a […]

WHM: List of all the Accounts over their disk Quotas

Occasionally, some of your accounts will go over their disk quotas. WHM allows you to view a list of all accounts currently over their quotas. 1) Find Account Information in the menu. 2) Click Show Accounts over Quota. As you can see, one of our accounts is over its quota. […]

WHM: How to Access cPanel Accounts

WHM allows you to access cPanel accounts, from the end-user perspective, without needing to know your clients’ login information. 1) Find the Account Information section. 2) Go to List Accounts. 3) Next to every account’s domain name, you’ll see the cPanel logo. Clicking on this icon will take you to […]

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