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Billing: Refunds


In this article, we will discuss our refund policy and how it works.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are still within our money back guarantee period for your service, we will return 100% of your money, no questions asked. For more information about our Money Back Guarantee, please click here.

Monetary Refund

If you have gone beyond the money back guarantee for your service plan, we do not offer any monetary refunds. Any refunds at this point would be at the discretion of Site5 management.

Service Credit

If you have gone beyond the money back guarantee period for your service plan, we do not offer any service credits. Any service credits at that point would be at the discretion of Site5 management.

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  • Hello,

    I just bought the hostbasic and thought it was something different than it is. I would appreciate receiving a refund. Since I just bought the service five minutes ago, I hope this is not a problem.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Murphy,

      I am sorry to hear that. You should be well within our money-back guarantee window, of course :) All you would need to do is contact our billing team, via a ticket in BackStage, to request this. Or use the cancellation steps detailed at

      Using the cancellation steps will be required to actually cancel the account, so I would recommend taking that route first.

  • Hello,

    I submitted a ticket request to cancel my hosting service on August 23rd, which was within the specified trial period. My credit card was charged on August 24th, and I still have not received any type of correspondence regarding my request to cancel. I would greatly appreciate some assistance in getting this matter resolved.

    Thank you.


    • Hello Dwoyne,

      I am very sorry to hear that. I do see your request in the helpdesk, and I am marking it as an emergency for you. I will add a note that you submitted this prior to the billing due date, as well.

      • Thank you, James.

  • I came to Site5 to escape from EIG. Now that EIG has purchased Site5, and is talking about “transitioning” its customers to the EIG platform (first quarter of 2016), will Site5 offer prorated refunds (beyond the money-back trial period) to those of us who can clearly see the handwriting on the wall, and want to flee?

    • Hello,

      There are no plans to adjust our refund policy, for any reason. Each refund request is checked manually by our billing team, however, and the decision is made by them; you can certainly ask, and you may get a prorated refund. However, please keep in mind that nothing is changing – you will still be hosted by Site5, and you will still have the same excellent support team available to you at all times.

      • Thanks for the reply. But that’s what I was told at my last host, and things were fine until EIG starting “transitioning” the customer base. It was like dropping off a cliff after that.

        • I can assure you that whatever happens in the future, the care of our customers and the service they receive will remain the highest priority.

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