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SiteAdmin: How To Disable Nginx Caching

With the addition of Nginx caching on our new server configurations, we find that some users do not want to have caching enabled on their site during development. Due to this, we’ve provided the ability to disable caching while you are developing your site. This can be done simply through […]

Apache: Set Up URL Masking On Your Site

At times, you may have a site created in a different location or directory and don’t want your visitors to see the full path to your files. Fortunately, with just some simple steps, you can set up URL masking to have your visitors see what you want them to see […]

Apache: How to Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS

Below we are going to show you how to redirect all non-https request to use https. Why would you do this? This depends on what kind of site you are hosting. For example, if you are running a billing site, and you want to ensure that all trafic is secure, […]

Apache: Current Loaded Modules

Below we have listed the Apache modules that are loaded on all of our services. Updated February 24th/2015 actions_module alias_module asis_module auth_basic_module auth_digest_module authn_default_module authn_file_module authz_default_module authz_groupfile_module authz_host_module authz_user_module autoindex_module bwlimited_module bw_module cgi_module cloudflare_module core_module deflate_module dir_module env_module expires_module fcgid_module filter_module headers_module http_module include_module info_module log_config_module logio_module mime_module mpm_prefork_module mutant_module […]

Apache Error Messages Overview

While browsing the internet, you may come across errors from time to time. If you are the administrator for the site in question, sometimes it can be frustrating  to debug and repair these errors. Below we have linked to articles that cover some of the most common error you will see as a web […]

Apache: How to set your domain to redirect to WWW by default

Add the below to your .htaccess file in order to have your-domain redirect to www.your-domain. Just make sure where it says “” to fill in your domain on both lines 2 and 3. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301] Why would you do this? It makes your […]

Apache: How to change your PHP version

Here at Site5, we offer multiple versions of PHP. Below we have outlined the current versions available and how to use them. Currently, the default version of PHP is 5.5.x. If you want to use PHP 5.3.x, 5.4.x, or 5.5.x explicitly, just add one of the following commands to your .htaccess file. […]

Apache: How to change the default index page

The below command will set the default page your website shows to whatever you specify. For example the below command will set your website to show the index.html file as default. DirectoryIndex index.html The below change will attempt to show business.html as the default page for your website and every […]

Apache: How to turn off directory browsing

You can use either of the below commands to stop directory browsing, just add either one to your .htaccess file.   Options -Indexes or   Options None This is useful if you have a big list of files in a directory with no index.html file and you don’t want visitors […]

Apache: How to turn server signatures off

Add the below line to your .htaccess file in order to have ServerSignatures turned off.   ServerSignature Off Why would you want to do this? There isn’t much reason too but it does hide the version of the web server from visitors viewing a directory listing or similar. The server […]

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