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MTR for Linux

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MTR is an advanced version of a standard trace route that also measures packet loss between network hops. It is helpful when debugging slow sites, random connection issues, etc. The MTR command is built into most Linux distributions.

Below we will cover basic use of MTR.

1) Open a Terminal

2) Enter the following command.

mtr -r

Where would be replaced with the server host, ip address or the domain of the site you wish to check.

This will take a few moments to complete (max of 60 seconds).

3) You can copy the data to your clipboard by selecting the information and then right clicking and selecting Copy. You could then paste it into an email or ticket for tech support to review.

That’s it!

Below we will cover what each colom of the results mean…

  • Host
    • This is the hostname of the hop.
  • Loss
    • This shows you the percentage of the pings that have been lost compared to received.
  • Snt
    • This shows you the total pings that have been attempted.
  • Last
    • This shows you the response time of the last ping attempt
  • Avg
    • This shows you the average response time of the ping attempts.
  • Best
    • This shows you the best ping response time out of all the attempts.
  • Worst
    • This shows you the worst response time of all the ping attempts.
  • StDev
    • This shows you the amount of deviation between ping requests.

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