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How to import/transfer emails from a non-cPanel host

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In this article, we will demonstrate how to transfer/import emails from a non-cPanel host. To accomplish this, we will use the FetchMail function built into the webmail interface Horde.

  • 1) Login to Horde
  • 2) Select the mail folder from the left-hand menu
  • 3) Push the options button located in the top menu
  • 4) Click the Fetch Mail link
  • 5) Click the Edit your preferences for accessing other mail accounts link
  • 6) Click the Create a New Account button
  • 7) Pick IMAP/POP3 Mail Servers from the Mail server type drop-down
  • 8) Enter the account name you wish to use
  • 9) Select the protocol you wish to use (contact your old host for this information).

In most situations IMAP (Auto Detect Protocols) or POP3 (Auto Detect Protocols) will work fine. We recommend that you try to use IMAP if possible.

  • 10) Enter the username and password for the account you are copying your emails from.
  • 11) Enter the server host-name for the old host. (contact your old host for this information)
  • 12) Enter the Remote Mailbox (folder) that contains the emails you wish to move. In most situations, you can simply input Inbox
  • 13) Select the local mailbox (folder) you wish to put the moved emails.
  • 14) Click create/save
  • 15) Click the Fetch Mail button located in the top menu
  • 16)  Check the corresponding boxes next to the account(s) you wish to import
  • 17)  Click the Fetch Mail button
  • 18) That’s it! You have now imported all the emails located in the mailbox you picked in step 12 from your old host.

If you have emails split into different folders on your old host, you may need to do this multiple times after changing step 12. You should always double check and make sure that all of the emails you were expecting to be imported made it.


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